Why You Should Budget for Mom Bloggers!

Do you work with Mom Bloggers? They are a force to be reckoned with! Not only will they help your brand but they act as a salesforce for your products. In this article, Bob Speyer from the Web Success Team, explains the value of today's Mom Bloggers. Enjoy!“Pay to Play”, “You Get What You Pay For”, “Quid Pro Quo”, Nothing in Life Is Free”. I could go on and on with these classic truisms, but the bottom line in social marketing is the price of FREE is going up. We’ve seen it with Facebook and Twitter not far behind in wanting to amortize their platform....more


I was talking with a friend about how I feel as a mom and a blogger. We both read blogs by homeschooling moms who seem to have it all together, being creative teachers, great homemakers, have beautiful blogs and printables...and sometimes I feel less than adequate. I know I shouldn't compare myself to them, but that's something we all do in our own way, isn't it?...more

From Coattails to Platform: Success the New-Fashioned Way

I've been blogging on success for nearly a year, which seems like a good time to take stock of this blog. ...more

November 2010 Calendar. How time does fly!

What was your poison yesterday? Skittles? Snickers? Sour Patch Kids? Mine you ask? FOUR bowls of turkey chili, making it a Halloween to remember (Terry was on her best behavior)! How nice to be able to celebrate on a Sunday, allowing for ALL family members to partake in the candy-gorging (chili in my case) festivities. We want to see your and your children’s costumes! Uploadphotos to Butterfly now! ...more