Ten Awesome things about a Mom body...

I have a mom body.  It makes sense, right?  Football players have football player bodies, ballet dancers have ballet dancer bodies and moms have mom bodies.   We each have own our specialty and in my opinion, creating life kind of trumps catching a ball for a touchdown or twirling in the air with an eating disorder....more

A Mom’s Guide to Working Out at Home

I’d like to say that I have a rockin’ body, but that would be a lie. These days, I can’t even say I have a rockin’ mom body. But it’s resolution time, so I feel like I have to try – at least until February or March when everyone else gives up on their own resolutions and I can feel less guilty about my failure. It doesn’t help that we are canceling our gym membership (I blame the gym’s childcare center....more

My Mom Body...

I just read that the next Back Talk topic is going to be the Mom Body. As a woman who has just given birth to my last child a little more than 3 weeks ago, this is something that I am currently dealing with on more of a full scale basis than I normally would. Growing up, I was the tall, skinny girl. People called me Daddy Long Legs... In 6th grade, my nickname was "High Water" because I couldn't find any pants with long enough legs. I heard all the horrible names - Bean Pole I think was the one I heard the most of them all.  ...more

Wow....our stories sound sooooo similar!  I got the whole 'beanpole' nickname too!  I'm like ...more