Coming Out Of The Closet: The "Mom Uniform"

I have a confession to make:  I'm not a cop, fireman, nurse, or Navy seal, yet, like them, I wear a uniform.This uniform would make Stacy and Clinton of "What Not To Wear" want to strangle me.  Instead of tossing all of my hideous clothes from my closet into a trash can, they would emerge instead holding a dress and saying, "You have a closet full of lovely, stylish clothing, yet you repeatedly place upon your body some of the most depressing, oversized, downright ugly pieces we have ever seen.  Explain."...more

Mom Clothes: A Long Ramble Through My Closet

I cleaned out my closet today. For me, a big part of the Frugal Challenge has been to do more with less. I have to be happy with what I have. I want to get rid of everything I don't need and don't use. The closet was the first step. ...more

Mommy's Clubbing Attire Offends Teacher

Let’s say you’re an elementary school teacher and your students’ moms show up to a parent conference in low cut shirts, mini skirts or tight jeans.  Would it be appropriate to write a note asking them to dress “discreetly” for conferences instead? A rather humorous letter was sent to advice columnist “Ask Amy” in The Los Angeles Times earlier this week…...more