So You're Thinking of Joining an Online Mom Group? 7 Things to Consider First

I have been a member of several online mom groups over the years. In fact, I wrote about What Online Mom Groups Have Taught Me a little over a year ago when I could not peel myself away from the computer. I forced myself to leave that mom site (kicking and screaming, might I add) because my blood boiled way to damn much over what these women posted. I have since joined a smaller, tamer one, but good grief, the similarities are countless....more
hilarious! i love your writing!more

Responsibility in the Online World

I belong to a number of online parenting groups. Most of them are related to special needs parenting but I am also in a couple of groups for local moms.In one of these groups, I recently got involved in a debate on vaccines. I won’t go into the details of the debate, but like these things do, it turned ugly. This was in part my fault because I used the word “responsibility.”...more