It’s the “BEST OF” MomCave LIVE | Don’t watch in front of the kids!

Best of MomCave LIVEIt’s difficult to believe it, but this is our 49th episode! Watch some of our favorite moments from MomCave LIVE....more

10 Foolproof Good Habits for People With No Willpower

Yes ... you can claim a happier and healthier you in 2015!...more
Thank you! :)more

And The Preschool Mom Of The Month Tiara Goes To….

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensLike many of you, I’ve entered plenty of giveaways online before, that used Rafflecopter and the like. What I was NOT familiar with, until recently, was how to administer one of those giveaways. This week I actually have 2 giveaways running on other sites, so I was forced to figure it out....more

My Children Gave Me A Superpower

My Superpower:Invisibility- specifically to the male species. A prime example of my child invisibility cloak happened at local natural grocery store. ...more

My Mind: The Gift I Lost

I regret losing... my mind. What a wonderful gift each of us is given. Yet, I lost mine. I know I had it before the first child, but my job was hiding it from me on occasion. By the second child, 20 months after the first, I was losing it for days at a time but usually found it before much damage was done....more

Uneven Game Night Teams: Is That Reason Enough to Have a Second Child?

On the one hand, I see another person in our family. In the big picture, the grand scheme, the long term. I see a tumbling blur of little limbs and fuzzy hair. I see two small people behind the two big people in the car. I see piles of teenage laundry -- inappropriate clothing and offensive t-shirts. I see juggling sports schedules and social events. I see heated debates where my husband and I are arguing with two passionate, clueless young adults because -- please -- they don't know a damn thing about how the world really works. But then there's the short term. The reality, the details, the challenges. ...more

9 Things You Should Never Knit...

(This post is dedicated to my blogging cohorts at CBS/ For some people, knitting is a passion. For other's, an obsession. For the latter group, here is a list of 9 things that should never be knitted: #9. Diaper #8. Burglar mask (too identifiable - especially with stripes or a cable stitch...) #7. Lightbulb warmer #6. Sandwich bag #5. Bikini (unless you excel at a "tight weave") #4. Thong (at least not with wool yarn...) #3. Bee handler outfit #2. An oven mitt (gets too hot - I know this from experience...) ...more

I'm trying to imagine a knitted condom, with those varigrated colors like my bananna berry scarf ...more

Admit it. Are there Glee Songs on Your iPod? Here's my Journey into Gleekdom

 The start of the holiday season is a perfect time to get out with the family to see a play or take in a musical. Plus, it’s also the time of year for the relentless pursuit of gift ideas. Soundtracks or DVDs of your favorite shows are tailor made to stuff stockings, for the kids, the husband—or maybe even yourself. ...more

I love GLEE. I love it because it brings back all that high school angst that I can view from ...more

The Last Room Mom Standing

It's that time of year again for teacher's gifts. Last week, I found myself handing out bill after bill to group gift organizers. Thank goodness for teacher's gift organizers this time of year. They really make life simpler for parents. Kudos to the moms who do it regularly for sports, church school and school.   Mentally in my head I was checking off, first grade church school, first grade teacher, fourth grade church school...   Then I got to fourth grade teacher gift. Who should I give the money to? Damn, it's me....more

Mamma Mia! How to Explain That Movie to Kids

My husband and I were watching Mamma Mia, the video, and we didn't mail it back to Netflix right away. The kids picked it up and watched it a little bit.   You may remember the opening scene, the girl is trying to figure out which of three men is her daddy. She's reading her mom's diary and each time she relates a story about one of the three men, the story ends in dot, dot, dot....more