MicroBlog Hint Humor May: Mommy Maxims

MicroBlog Hint Humor #11...more

MicroBlog Hint Humor #10

MicroBlog Hint Humor #10...more

MicroBlog Hint Humor May: Mommy Maxims

Microblogging Hint Humor for May: Mommy Maxims ...more

I Have a Terrible Condition

No I'm not sick.  Or hurt.  Or dying any time soon.  But the truth is that my new baby has eaten my brain cells.  Like a little baby zombie but less literal.I have momnesia....more

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Duuuummb

 Ever walk around your house, frantic, looking for your car keys and then realize they were in your pocket the whole time?  Ever search every inch of your car for your sunglasses and then realize they were on top of your head the whole time?  Since I became a mommy, this is a routine occurrence.  Only I’m not looking for my car keys or my sunglasses, I’m looking for my kid.   ...more

Toddlers And Tattoos

I’m still waiting for a call from CPS.  I had my daughter’s ears pierced when she was 3 months old.  According to a single man with no dating prospects that I met at a BBQ, this is the same as giving her a tattoo.  This isn’t the first person that has given me this same shame-shame-shame speech.  Sometimes, they use words and sometimes they stare at me like I just bludgeoned my kid with a baseball bat. ...more


I’m sure this topic is brought up on blogs everyday.  I wouldn’t know, though, because most of the time I suffer from Momnesia.  Since I had a kid, I don’t know whether it’s lack of sleep or lack of intellectual stimulation, but my IQ has dropped and I’m constantly forgetting the simplest things.   ...more