Why I Am Proud to Say I Wear Mom Jeans

From TheSoccerMomBlog.comWhile browsing Pinterest a couple days ago, I came across a pin that blared “Gap and Old Navy Make MOM Jeans!!”  Intrigued, I clicked through to the original blog post.  The writer had apparently done lots of “research,” trying on numerous pairs of jeans from Gap and Old Navy, photographing herself wearing them, and comparing the results to those of her backside in various luxury denim labels....more

There Is No Dress Code For Motherhood

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen several articles floating around the internet about not dressing like a “mom”. It’s eye roll worthy for its judgment passed off as “helpful” advice....more

Toddler Tricks - 42: Make Mommy Fashion Work for You

Usually I do ways to trick your baby and ways your baby tricks you...I thought I'd change it up this week and give a few tips on dressing with the "floop" as one of my friends so graciously refers to the tummy area after pregnancy.Problem: After pregnancy, a lot of my shirts were unwearable. I previously was no stranger to showing off my belly region....more

Dad Jeans

Much has been said on the subject of Mom Jeans.  Not a woman alive can rock them, and no man drawing a breath finds them attractive. ...more

not mom jeans, but close

I did something today I swore I would never do. I bought an outfit for myself at Coldwater Creek. Actually two. The saleswomen at Ann Taylor and J Jill love me now too. Don't get me wrong. The clothes at all three stores are of fabulous quality. And some pieces are stylish and chic. But I should probably start saving for my mom jeans now. Because judging by the merchandise at these stores, my tastes - and my size - are now more...ahem...mature. ...more