Why I judge other mothers

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I tell my story because I have to…Writing to heal my wounds

All sorrow can be borne if we put them in a story or tell a story about them.       Isak Dinesen author of Out of Africa...more

Doing it differently the second and third time around.

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Friends Birthday Party For Our Triplets And Baby Brother

Since this is so new to me I haven’t known if I should mention our kids' names.  Most bloggers seem to do it.  I just can get paranoid at times and wasn’t regularly mentioning our kids’ names because of security reasons.  Oh well, I guess it isn’t a big deal.  Our oldest triplet’s name is Charlie.  Kaylee is one minute younger than Charlie and then Jake is a minute younger than Kaylee.  Then we have Sam.  He is ten days shy of being exactly two years younger than his older triplet siblings....more

Girls' Night Out

I guess I’m beginning to write spur of the moment posts.  The first was last night.  I wasn’t planning on writing a quick one like that again for a while. I’m clearly not an eloquent writer or a writer at all, but somehow it isn’t stopping me.  So here I am, finding myself compelled to write again without a chance of my editor (husband) giving it a once over. ...more