There's No Shame In My Game For Shopping Forever 21 at 33

I see bright lights, loud music, young ladies and bright funky clothes. I'm not at a night club or even a strip club for that matter, but I'm at Forever 21. It was once a Mecca, a staple store for fun attire in my early 20’s. I would travel 25 minutes to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL to wonder around this retail amusement park for hours. It was here where I found my hot Saturday night out top, a sexy little dress for clubbing or a designer rip off bag for whenever. I’d walk away with a full bag of clothes and I would only spend a night’s worth of tips....more
Enjoy! At 34, you can still wear anything you want from wherever! I find at 51, I'm starting to ...more

Down with diaper bags

The moment I saw the window on the pregnancy test reveal the positive result line, I had visions of cuddling a tiny baby, taking walks in a premium stroller, and lugging around a fashionably sexy, haute-couture diaper bag....more

The 4 Types of Yoga Pants Every Woman Needs

I haven't always been the type of woman who wears yoga pants on a regular basis. No, not that long ago I was a fairly well dressed career woman who loved a good pantsuit as much as the next one....more
This is not how far you've fallen...this is how far you've come!  Yay for yoga pants.more

A Lady in Tuscany - Reasons to Dress

When I was daydreaming about going to Tuscany way back in June, I pictured this perfect moment, in fact I created a board on Pinterest called "A Lady in Tuscany" filled with style inspiration from the Duchess of Windsor, Fuchsia and feminine silhouettes of cropped sleeves and knee length dresses, cinched in at the waist....more

Navy & White The Perfect Summer Combination

Yesterday I shared with you about the mobile boutique I discovered called Truckshop.  I picked up the most beautiful navy blue ruffle blouse, geometric necklace and a pair of Kendra Scott inspired earrings.  There were so many cute things that it was genuinely hard to choose and I can’t wait to see what Ashley will feature on the truck next. ...more

all done up and nowhere to go

This was originally published on July 10, 2015.My oldest is at a friend's house and my youngest has been napping a lot since he's been sick. The plus side of this is that I have time to put on some makeup and blog. I've been pretty low-key this week so it was fun to put on a full face and curl my hair even though I have nowhere to go. ...more

busy mom beach hair

I've had long hair with layers, long hair with bangs, a long bob, chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights, light brown hair with auburn highlights...the list goes on. I normally tire of my hairstyle after a few months but my recent cut and color has been on point thanks to my good friend, Ann.Sometimes short hair can actually take more work than long hair since you can't just throw it in a ponytail. I love doing beach waves for two reasons:...more

Real Mom Style! Meet Erin, she's great at finding thrift finds.

Last month I mentioned that I would be bringing you a Real Mom Style Feature once a month.   I want to showcase real style, worn out in the real world by real people, because fashion is for everyone.  I was inspired by my friend Mary and did a feature on her style here, she’s not a blogger but I think her great style deserves to be seen. ...more