Mommy on her own

As Mommies, we have very little time to ourselves. I know there are lots of days where my little guy follows me around the house because he "wants to be in the same room as me." That is sweet, but I don't appreciate it when that following me around includes the bathroom. ...more

Please Nap Time, Come Again Tomorrow

I am terrified of the day my daughter will quit taking a nap. I literally fear the day. I don't know what I'll do. Each day at nap time I prioritize what I want (and need) to get done and enjoy a few peaceful minutes to myself. I bask in the quiet solitude. I savor the time I have without anyone calling my name or tugging on my shirt. I marvel at how quickly I can accomplish things uninterrupted. I try to take care of myself. I recharge.   And I absolutely fear the day it ends. Every single time she misses a nap, I wonder if that's it. ...more

What is your "Mom Time" activity?

Hi all! I was just curious as to what you do for your "Mom Time" relaxation and fun? I am looking for some great new ideas. So far, I go to yoga and love every minute of it. But, I love trying new things! Share your story here! =)...more
@victorias_view Right on! They are having a boot camp here at my gym next month... I think I ...more


I finally got back into Yoga again. Let me tell you, what a relief it is to have that hour a few times a week to de-stress.I used to go quite often, but after having a baby and adjusting to that; it kind of got put to the side for a good year or so....more
That sounds awesome! I will have to investigate where I can find that one out here. =) I know~ ...more

Remember- You’re on the Priority List Too!

It can be easy for women (and parents of both genders) to put taking care of themselves last on the priority list.  With so many other responsibilities- work, kids, spouse, family, cooking, housekeeping, PTA, and more, it’s no wonder that our own needs get pushed to the very end.  ...more

"Mommy, Don't Sit at the Computer"

My blog addiction is getting way out of hand. I'm on my lap constantly, either writing a post, catching up on friends' blogs, or moderating comments. Blogging is my drug of choice. "Hi, I'm Jaci, and I'm a compulsive blogger...." ...more

I find that spending two hours in them morning and 3 hours at night on the computer nets the ...more