Fit Mom = Fit Family

Fit momma. That is what I want my nickname to be. At the moment I am about 40 pounds away from that moniker but I am working on it. Avidly. Right now a more appropriate name for me is Fat Mommy. Not Phat or any other cutesy way of defining it but fat. Obese actually. My body mass index is in the obese range and has been there since my pregnancy. I had my son 2.5 years ago and I have done very little to rectify the situation. ...more

My Vicious Circle

Three of my friends are facing cancer scares. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with one of them. Yesterday a friend had a biopsy. Over Thanksgiving another friend flew to Northern California to say goodbye to her sister who is in stage 4.It's taken me a long time to make these friends. I'm a pretty shy person at heart. I can talk to anyone one-on-one, but walking into a cocktail party full of people I don't know is like agony....more

Digging in the Dirt

My son is digging for buried treasure in our yard. Muttering to himself, “Jewelry, rings, bracelet, something. I’ve got to find something so I can be rich.” ...more

Thank you so much for commenting. Yes it sounds like a very similar situation to your son's ...more

How to Marry an Internet Serial Killer: Throw a Surprise Wedding

I was never one of those women who pictured herself in a big white gown, walking down the aisle. For me it was more about getting married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator on the Strip and having a great party in New York afterward....more

Every day is a Holiday with

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I Write Love Letters and Save Them

I write love letters to my sons. I save them after they’ve read them, in the back of their sock drawers. They resurface when it’s time to do laundry and get buried again when we put the clothes away....more

The Stay-At-Home Mom Syndrome: Do You Have It?

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a mother someday - one that stayed home and raised the children. I wanted 2 kids since I am an only child. Both of those things have come true, so why doesn't it feel wonderful 100% of the time?I used to enjoy working hard at work (thanks for the great work ethic mom and dad!) because I knew that eventually I would get recognized and even possibly promoted for it. And of course, I loved bringing home a paycheck!...more

I use to feel that way too, because I was a workaholic, twelve hour days and two jobs going ...more

I Was the Last to Know

You know what’s sad and funny at the same time?...more

Sometimes Facebook Makes Me Want to Kill Myself and Not in a Good Way

I've had Twitter on the brain lately so my personal Facebook account has kind of fallen by the wayside. I use my dubiousMa FB page to promote my blog and post tips and such, but my personal page hasn't gotten much play lately. I just don't have that kind of time anymore and FB requires a lot of time.  Between all the "On my way to the hospital to give birth. OMG, pics to follow!" status posts, and the pictures of your children at Sesame Place, why there's almost no room left to ...more

10 Questions About Dealing With Aging Parents

Ann Mehl a life coach and marathon runner has written eloquently for us before. Now she answers 10 questions about her experiences taking care of her mother.1. How did it start?My mother’s dementia showed itself gradually over time. Her memory loss and mental confusion escalated after my father passed five years ago.2. Did you feel prepared for dealing with everything? Why or why not? ...more