I'll have to check my Toddler's schedule...

When I was a kid, I played outside. I went out my front door and found someone to play with. No one was home? I didn’t like who was around? Then, tough for me…I had to amuse myself. I don’t ever recall my mother stressing over us not having fun plans for me with my friends. Even in the days before I was able to play outside alone, I played with my cousins and my toys. Those were my friends. Mom took me to visit her sister, and we played. I went to preschool, but there were never any dates set up with those moms. Why? I don’t know about you, ...more

Traveling Mom = Uncaring Mom?

The first time I had to leave my son overnight was difficult. He was eight months old and I had to attend an advocacy trip in Washington, DC for my job. I traveled to New York from Atlanta so that my mother could take care of him. I was nursing at the time and carried as much expressed milk as possible on the trip and also took along some formula for good measure. Although giving him formula was a rarity, I had to ensure that my mother was prepared in the event that my milk ran out. ...more

I have to say a big amen to this one. Why is that moms face criticism for traveling and dads ...more

Failure to be Thin

cross posted on Kids In the Suburbs ...more

Who wants to read the good stuff?

I would not be so quick to frequent a blog that only talked about how perfect the kids were, how well mom cooked from scratch, how clean and beautiful the house is, how unfrazzled she is at the end of the day…Sure, I like those stories, but if I have a bad day, or am making dinner from a box or cleaning the crayon from my entire floor, or changing the 3rd blowout of the day, or ready to pull my hair out for a variety of reasons, those posts just will NOT make me feel better. I need the kids in bed, a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and a calm mind to dig into those beauties… ...more

Save My Ass or Save the Environment?

Six weeks and one day ago (not that anyone’s counting), I became a vegetarian. A pescatarian to be exact, since I could give up the thrice-weekly chicken and occasional In-N-Out, but sushi? C’mon. ...more

A Mom and Her Minivan.

I turned thirty the same day I bought a minivan.  Let's just say I was less than thrilled.  In my twenties I envisioned my 30th birthday celebration being a party with friends, an exotic getaway, or maybe a romantic evening with my husband.  Instead, I found myself with a three year old, a one year old and a baby on the way, at the car dealership picking out the very car I said I would NEVER buy.  When the car salesman asked me what color minivan I wanted, I laughed out loud and said, "Really, does it matter, its a minivan!".  He kindly went over the many features it had to o ...more

Happy Organic Birthday to You!

It’s been a month of birthdays for the Sarnoff family. First there was my husband’s 40th surprise party, which ended up with a karaoke performance of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” complete with lifts. (Yes, tequila was involved.) Then, my daughter turned eight, and we hosted a five-girl, two-movie sleepover party. (No tequila, but an equally painful morning after.) ...more