Days of Derangement

I have teenagers living in my house. If you are at all familiar with this irrational and often irritating species (homo smartaleckus), you are offering me your condolences right now. You also know that these creatures are embarrassed by the very existence of their parents. This is a perfectly natural part of the maturation process. I can remember, as a teen, thinking my parents were utterly clueless idiots. But my folks never provided me with the kind of proof of parental derangement that I recently bestowed upon my kids. ...more


Please go to my blog at and read the entry entitled, MASTURPOLOGIE ...more

Dude, Where's My Son?

Dude, Where’s My Son? My son recently turned 13, and the last traces of that sweet little boy who thought I hung the moon seem to have vanished. In his place is a strange, slouching creature with a pencil-thin mustache and adolescent angst oozing from every pore. This extraterrestrial I once called flesh and blood, whose mood swings dwarf the Grand Canyon, seems intent on bungee jumping from that rickety bridge connecting a child with adulthood. And I think he plans on dragging his rapidly aging mother along for the ride. ...more

Oh, if only cutting the apron strings didn't hurt so much. There's hope, though. My ...more

apparently girl talk is bad for your health

While I sipped my morning coffee, I gasped aloud when I read an article in my local paper about "girl talk." But apparently such conversations are bad for our health. You know what it is: when teens gather around a table, talking about the sagas with their boyfriends or their lack of money for the must-have shoes at the mall. But experts say "girl talk" can extend past high school. Watercooler chit chat about the boss and emails between moms on our kids sleeping habits fall in this category too. The article's author calls it "I wanna be in a mess, too" syndrome. ...more

3 reasons to ban dance calss

Today is the first day of the dance season. I could do without the early Saturday morning classes. Especially since Amara dances like her father -- no rhythm and no grace. But Amara really enjoys it. So we're going to shell out another $500 for lessons. Damn. I could have used that cash to buy a new purse and had money to spare. So as I bitterly sat waiting for Amara's class to end, I was reminded as to why I. HATE. DANCE. CLASS. Continue reading... ...more

Mrs. Micah, not a superachiever.

This first part comes from my experiment in not sweating the small stuff: How many people actually want to be superachievers? What is a "superachiever"? I pondered these today while trying to be mindful of today's goal. If a superachiever heads a corporation, nonprofit, etc...I don't think that's for me. I don't want to be Oprah or Donald Trump or a lot of those people. I know his point is that you can do that sort of thing and still be gentle and relaxed, but that's not the life for me. ...more

Amen, Honey B! Balance is a beautiful thing, as it having time to do what we want. :-)


It's that time of year again...

Halloween's just slightly below my daughter's birthday and Christmas in terms of big deals in our house. And so, we're already starting to plot out our holiday plans. Here's how we celebrate it: 1. We take the day off. Otherwise, we tend to miss giving out candy to the early-bird trick-or-treaters (i.e. the cutest little ones). 2. We give out the good stuff. No Bit-o-Honey or Smarties from us. It's mini candy bars all the way, and several of them for each trick-or-treater. ...more

I'd like to discuss this but I just can't bring myself to do it. Give me another couple of ...more

Mamahood's Mama Advice

The best advice I've been given and taken....... 1. Go Natural if you can, child birth is a very painful but a beautiful process, you recover better when you don't use the epidural. I had my first two natural and with my third child used an epidural....which I was a little grateful for during the contractions but afterwards felt so much more pain, and needed more medicine too. With my fourth child I went natural and felt good and recovered well. ...more


I am failing at everything. I need to embrace this failure and call it my own, apparently. I cannot calm the anger and rage of my 7 year old son, I cannot reassure my 6 year old son that everything will be alright and his brother will be lovely to him one day. I cannot tell my daughter that life is fair, because it is not. I am unable to do the one thing which keeps me on an even keel, yoga, because I have no daycare during the summer. I have just been rejected for a course because I am not creative enough. I will show them what creative is. ...more

Whackjob Moms ...more