Disciplining Kids: It's All About The Calmness

Any mom knows that disciplining kids can be hard. I’ll never forget when my daughter, about two-and-a-half at the time, had a full-blown temper tantrum in Target. Up to that point, I thought my husband and I were doing a pretty good job with discipline. I'm embarrassed to admit I never thought my child would prostrate herself on the floor in the middle of a store, kicking and screaming. Boy, was I humbled. ...more

Think that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing will blow your diet for the week? Think again. These raw desserts are actually good

Think that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing will blow your diet for the week? Think again. Eco Chef Ani Phyo’s desserts are actually good for you. But before we get to the cake, let’s talk about the chocolate. ...more

Post-Katrina Environmentalism in New Orleans: Can I Get An Organic Sno-Ball With That?

I spent last week with my family in New Orleans where people still feel the wake of Hurricane Katrina. That was five years ago but there are areas where the city looks like some kind of Potter-esque villain pointed a wand and waved a swath of nothingness across a neighborhood. No cars. No trees. No people. Not even a stray dog. Just empty houses, and the scary-crazy hidden squatter-y things that go on in them. ...more

New Orleans and environmentalism--such a juxtaposition, and yet such a ...more

Organic Body Care Giveaway!

AMAZING Organic Body Care!! ...more

Testing your compatibility with your current or prospective mate? Don’t stop at astrology. Are you a veggie or a fruit?

  When testing your compatibility with your current or prospective mate, don’t stop at astrological signs. According to scientists, food choice may shed some light on who is best suited for you.  ...more

New to Blogher.com

Hi all! I am net to blogher.com and I am excited to get started! ...more

Nothing comes between a girl and her old mascara, but new natural versions don’t smudge or cause brain damage + 15% off.

  There’s no allegiance like that of a girl to her mascara. ...more


My sweet little angelYou have finally come to me.You are everything in my heartThat I dreamed you to be.You light up my life.You soften my soul.You make everyday happy.You make me feel whole.Tiny feet to kiss.Tiny hands for mine to hold.Ocean eyes and a smile like the sunrise,You are my darling, my sweet little guy.What a wonderful giftGod has sent to me.My adorable baby boy.My favorite Timothy. ...more