What You Need to Know About the Egg Recall

A growing number of people nationwide are getting salmonella from the recent outbreak linked to the tainted eggs from Wright County Egg in Iowa. This is not a regional outbreak -- the number of eggs recalled is 380 million and growing.   ...more

Thanks for your comments, Jenna. We all need to work together to stay informed on this topic ...more

Baby bootlegging (v): use this term when taking credit for another kid's work

We've all been there... You're sitting at the park next to the PR Mommy who can't stop bragging about how advanced her kid is. And then she inevitably adds a cutting comment: Don't worry, your child will catch up soon. Ouch. So what do you do? Sometimes I wish that when the PR Mommy stands up a gooey bird turd clings to the seat of her dry-clean only pants. (So far my fantasy has never come true.)...more

Best cookbooks for families according to Babble.com

I love browsing the cookbook section at bookstores. Certain things catch my attention and great food photos are a must. And I recently decided that a cookbook with a carrot cake sandwich recipe must be very good. (See below.)...more

I have a library of over 100 cookbooks but I only keep 5 on my "most used" shelf. And the ...more

High Heels for Baby Girls?

Are these soft crib booties "Heelarious" or just one more example of the sexualization of young children? ...more

I commented beneath your comment on my SAHM to WAHM ...more