It's So Etsy: Pretty in Pink TuTu for Girls

 Little girls (and big girls) love to play dress up. This handmade Pretty in Pink TuTu is perfect for dancing or playing princess. ...more
I am totally in love with the tutu dresses ( that are super ...more

Wearing Crocs and Escalator Dangers

The colorful Crocs shoes popular with kids and adults worldwide has been linked to dangers when wearing the clogs near escalators. There have been complaints of the Crocs getting stuck in escalators. Now the Colorado-based footwear maker, Niwot, will include a tag on the shoes to warn wearers to be careful when wearing Crocs near escalators. ...more

You would think "Supervise children at all times" would be the NUMBER ONE safety ...more

Waltzing with Weimaraners

  As you know, I am a bit crazy about dogs. So when I started hearing more and more about the latest pet activity that has people dancing with their dogs, I decided I better find out exactly what it means to Cha-Cha with your Chihahuahua.  ...more

Backyard Grilling: Safety Tips

Summer is the perfect time to be outside with the family. Naturally, you probably like to cook outdoors too. We all love a family cookout--especially on the 4th of July. Somehow the food always tastes better when it's grilled outside. Unfortunately, using a gas or charcoal grill has risks. ...more

Novel Alternatives: Creative Summer Reading with Kids

Seems like every summer moms (and dads) face the same challenge of how to keep the kids busy. If your kids are like mine, they would would prefer to go biking, swimming, or play Wii or XBox than pick up a book. So how do you encourage kids to read something...anything? ...more

Foods That Make You Happy

Feeling grumpy or tired? ...more

I'm a chocoholic but I know it's only a temporary fix. If I'm rational enough to make a good ...more

My Latest Fantasy: The New Green Electric Bikes

Biking is one of my favorite ways to exercise, clear my mind, and have fun with the whole family. Ever since I was a kid riding my yellow Schwinn 10-speed, biking has given me an energy boost--that is, until I have to make the exhausting hike up a steep hill. That's why I am dreaming about buying an electric bike that uses pedal power, but also lets you pedal when you don't want to. ...more

It’s So Etsy: Real Daisy with Candy Sprinkles Resin Ring

Simple and sweet. This hand cast resin ring has a real daisy embedded in it, surrounded by spring confetti sprinkles. Measures 1 and 1/4" diameter. Ring size is adjustable. ...more