Being the LGBT Parent of an Infant

Being an LGBT parent is in most ways no different from being any other kind of parent. We change our kids’ diapers and read them bedtime stories just like anyone else. Still, the law and society discriminate against and marginalize us in many ways, giving LGBT-headed families extra hurdles to overcome. ...more

LGBT Parenting and the Inevitable Questions

I've just read the Crib Sheet for LGBT parents of newborns by Dana of Mombian. As always, she provides spot-on advice and tips for LGBTQ+ families (and their allies). It's funny: now that I have “big kids” (ages eight and five), so much of what we do as queer parents just seems old hat. Our friends know us; our neighbors know us; the school knows us; the pharmacists and the waitresses at our local diner and the soccer coaches and even the bank tellers know us. So it’s rare that we have to explain ourselves to our larger world. But I remember a time when it felt like we were constantly explaining and how tiring and often frustrating that was. ...more