Every Moment

Jn. 10:22-30  St. George/ St. AdalbertI find Jesus in every moment--last night I listened to the pain of several individuals who are greiving over Paul's death--and there is Jesus:...more

Playing With Time - How to Deal

This morning my son Jett (he’s 6-and-three-quarters – his words) asked me if time could speed up. More specifically, he asked if I had to the power to speed up time. I groaned, not just because I was trying to get his foot in his boot (why do feet never go into boots in the morning before school?!), but because the question gave me actual pain in my chest. “Nope, I can’t speed up time. And I don’t want to. It goes too fast as it is.” I told him. “I just want school to be over so I can come home and finish building my Lego project!” he whined....more


Mt. 11:11-15 Jesus saw John the Baptist in the moment, not from the future.  Yesterday I was yelled at, cussed, criticized--all because I could not meet the needs of people, but Jesus was there, in the moment, and that is what mattered....more

I Need a Magic Wand

I had one of those moments again this morning, where I just wanted to freeze time with a little magic wand. The 6:30 sun was peeking out from beneath the curtains in Emmy’s room, creating dancing light patterns on the walls. The birds were chirping their daylight tunes in the quiet of the morning. And my little girl was cuddled in my arms, looking at my face, smiling and saying “mama”....more
You are absolutely correct, Barbara. If those moments went on forever, I probably wouldn't value ...more

Favorite Mom Moments

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, I asked some people what their favorite Mom moment was. It could be as a mother or with their own mother. Here are a few of the answers I received: "Summertime at my Mom's house in Ohio. My mom, my nine-year-old son, and I are chasing each other around the backyard with squirt guns - and we're all squealing with delight." - Sherry "I still remember the day my mother picked me up at the bottom of the hill to our home and carried me on piggy back all the way up the hill....more

Answer Your Attitude

Each day is a chance to start over.  To make a fresh beginning.  To act.  View yourself as passive and watch the day go by, a bystander.  View yourself as active and make the most of the day, a connector.   from my home blog at: http://allwaysoptions.blogspot.com ...more

Play doh, confessions and awkward moments

Hubby is frantically studying for his grad school prep stuff and recently has been going to a friend’s house to be tutored in math. I decided to come along one morning to play with Kaiya and our friend’s little girl. So me in the girls were in one room, happily sticking stickers on each other and gobbing play-doh everywhere while they were in the other room, but just a few feet away. Friend- I hate it when people blog….(Hubby nervously looking over at me)… it’s like they just put up random thoughts… ...more

I actually completely related to her (not with her blog opinions- she can just shut it as far as ...more