7 Accessories to Spice up Your Mommy Wardrobe

 I am so excited to share my new guest post with you.  Brittany has a great blog, at Laugh Out Loud Mommy (Please take the time to check her out!)  She helps us laugh through some of her mommy adventures....more
Haha laughoutloudmommy of course you're not at all biased...You are welcome.more

"Me Bad Parent:" The Do's and Don't of Parenting

I was online searching for images of parenting, and I came across these old-school photos of baby care "do's" and "don'ts." I think they are super-helpful and should definitely be left on bedside tables in maternity wards for new moms and dads who are clueless. I mean, I almost washed my baby with a power hose, but if I had seen this, I would have known better:...more

10 ways to set Mommy off

 Mommy rage. It’s real. And, quite possibly, coming to a household near you if someone dares to complete one or more of the following offenses. Consider yourself warned… 1.       While standing in line at the store, reach out and touch the cheek of the newborn belonging to the Mommy in front of you....more

7 Things Mothers Do That Are Taken for Granted

 TP Patrol.We have four bathrooms in this house, and I spend more than my fair share of time ensuring that each one is sufficiently stocked with toilet paper so that no one is left in the lurch after doing their business on the can....more

The Mommy Rodeo: How Do We Survive the Ride?

Inner peace. What the heck is that?! So let's call this a hypothetical situation: You are working in a job that you have a love/hate relationship with. Your hours on the clock are filled with constant buzzing sounds. People are always coming up to you with questions that you must find answers in a reasonable amount of time. Breaks are almost non-existent and eating lunch at 3:00pm is the norm. Oh, and let's just say 30 minutes to eat is maybe 10 minutes most days. ...more
@davenportdiy I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you so much for reading!more

Mommy Blogger?

When someone asks you what your dreams are or what you want to do with your life what do you tell them? A year ago my awnser would have been to complete undergrad and go on t Law School. ...more

A little, pink bun in the oven

This has been a very busy and blessed year. An engagement and a baby. We could not be more excited to meet our little girl in October. Let’s start with the engagement!...more

7 Tips for New Mom Bliss

Here are my top "7 tips for Heaven" for new moms! 1. Trust your gut! You were picked to be this baby's mother and you have exactly what it needs. Try not to listen to everyone else about what YOUR baby needs when your gut tells you different. Although well meaning, many seasoned mothers and grandmothers give out unsolicited advice and although it may have worked for their child, it may not necessarily be right for yours.  2....more

Stop the Negative Self-Talk, Moms

The other day, I read a Facebook post that has resonated with me. It basically stated that we, as mothers, do not often notice we are beautiful. In fact, we do the opposite. Often, we say to ourselves and out loud to those around us, that we are not beautiful. We point out all of our physical deficits, or perceived deficits. How many times has someone complimented you, for you to only refute what they've said? ...more
I myself am practicing this as well.  I find it easiest to do my positive self-talk in the front ...more

5 Easy Ways To Wear A Scarf

Hello!It’s February and the breeze just keeps getting colder! Brrr…for a tropical country like mine,  this cold season is one, if not, tops the list of my most–awaited, every year. And what goes with the cold weather and the long waiting? F A S H I O N! This is just the perfect time to rummage your chests and pull out those clothing ensembles waiting to be worn for the season!Typically, my favourite get-up during this time of the year includes my suede boots paired with black leggings and an oversized top, accentuated by some chunky rings and my favourite scarf!Speaking of scarves, I must admit that I’m hooked on these fabulous pieces. Imagine how these tiny fabrics can glam up an entire outfit? Either in hot or a cold weather, we can always go to our ever dependable scarves to bring our style a notch higher. Aside as an accessory, what I like about them is they bring out the creativity in me and I was able to learn and sometimes improvise other knots apart from what I knew to spice up my look.I started wearing scarves during my college OJT (on-the-job training) where I was pushed to look always at my best everyday in front of my “clients”– my students! My everyday mundane look was made fantastic because of my well-loved scarves!In this article, I will share with you some of the easy but fashionable ways of wearing them. These tips are soooo easy breezy! And oh, don’t forget to bring with you your scarves, while reading this! (:First, let’s start with:...more