The Business of Blogging

Once upon a time, I had a blog (I may have mentioned this before). In the mid-aughts, my blog consumed me. I wrote all the time. My thoughts were composed in the voice of my blog. It was slightly insane, and I loved it....more
hungry brown girl Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean, and I feel weird putting my ...more

Mommy Blogging Remains a Radical Act

In 2005 at the original BlogHer, Alice Bradley declared mommy blogging a radical act. By 2009, Lindsay Ferrier and others declared that ship sailed....more
Thank you!!! I'm proud to be a mommy blogger, even though I worry about what I'll write about ...more

Shamelessly Tooting My Own Horn

This morning I was shocked to find an email from an editor at BlogHer in my inbox saying they were going to publish my most recent Mom Code post on their Family blog page. Immediately I felt like I'd won the Pulitzer Prize, wait did I say Pulitzer? I meant Publisher's Clearing House and that dude with the ginormous check and balloons was knocking on my door ready to hand it over. I'm pretty sure the feeling would be the elation!...more
DeniseHaha! Feeling like such a nerd over here ; )more

Just A Mommy Blog

Last week I ran into a Facebook friend whom I've never met IRL. That's "in real life" for those of you who don't know the lingo, and something I didn't know until about five minutes ago, so don't feel bad. I only have a few of these people as friends, because I find that most times the people who friend strangers are using FB as a marketing tool for their business, cause, etc. I don't have a problem with this kind of use but I just am not interested for the most part. There are a few notable exceptions, and this person is one of them.This nice FB person was also having lunch with a friend and during the course of our brief conversation, the FB friend made mention of my blog, prompting his friend to ask what it was about. Firstly, I was completely not expecting the question from a man, which apparently is a misconception I should work on. Secondly, I'm ashamed of my answer. "Uh, uh, it's my family blog. Just a mommy blog, really." ...more
Hi Robin! I agree wholeheartedly with your points which is exactly the reason I was annoyed with ...more

Pushing Blogging on Unsuspecting Mothers-To-Be

I'll admit, I'm a blogging junky. This particular blog might be new, but I've been hopping in and out of the blogging world for probably ten years now (one of my first blogs was put together while I attended Seneca College for web design, as a portfolio piece... and sadly, that party of my life was more than a decade ago.) OMG, I'm old. ...more
Thanks for the food for thought. I've thrown around the term "mommy blogger', my ...more

When the Writer Becomes a Mommy: Do We Overshare When We Write About Our Kids?

The first few times, I did it without thinking. Like most parental musings conducted during that groggy first year, my early blog posts were more about me and the idea of them. But now that my twins are one, no longer blobs but sentient beings who may one day Google themselves and find my words, I’m obsessed with the mother of all writing conundrums: How much about one’s children is it kosher to expose? ...more
As most mom bloggers, I have thought about this a lot as well. And blogged about it. I do feel ...more

Is it okay to vent on your mom blog?

I saw an online letter to the editor of Parents Magazine last night with the question “Is it okay to vent on your mom blog?”. This reader was mainly concerned with this issue and asked the editor if it would be alright if they could write a story on this topic. Well, I got to thinking “Is it really okay to vent on your mom blog?”. My professional answer; yes and no. Honestly, it all comes down to what your blog is all about....more

Click: It's Mommy Time(s)

Mommy time: This is not about mommy taking off time -- for herself. This is about mommy taking on Times -- the New York Times -- which recently published a controversial article about mommy bloggers on the front page of the Style section. ...more

Keeping up with my vampire hours

Well, what better time to start my very first post on BlogHer than during my peak "vampire hours." ...more

A Child Care Center That Really Caters To The Needs Of The Parents During Economic Difficulties.

"In the time of hardship, job loss, and economic recession Great Expectations Child Care center steps up to the needs of parents, with quality and affordability with Nydia Sachez at the helm. " -- As seen on CBS Evening News/ KCAL 9 News-April 17, 2009 interviewed by Reporter Stacey Butler. ...more