Don't Be Scared of Monsters, Mommy

I was feeding Moxie the other day, glanced out the window, saw a troop of special-needs kids walk by and lost it. I mean, I lost it. Put down Moxie's food, head in my hands and bawled. The big, gulping kind of bawl. The damn-I'm-losing-it kind of bawl. Concerned, Micah came around, "Why are you crying, Mama?" I couldn't answer. I was too busy trying to catch my breath. "Are you crying because of a monster?"...more
I can definitely relate to this! My son has bipolar disorder and every time I hear of a suicide, ...more

Keeping up with my vampire hours

Well, what better time to start my very first post on BlogHer than during my peak "vampire hours." ...more

Parental Paranoia: Are you a scaredy mom or dad?

Americans in general have had fear, spectres of terrorists and safety threats, shoved down their throats for a while now, everything from potentially imminent bombings to a possible Avian Flu pandemic. However New York Post columnist John Podhoretz ponders that young parents in particular are bombarded with potential threats to their children's safety and health, threats that may not deserve great concern. ...more