"Mommy Guilt" have you experienced it?

Go back to work or stay home? Daycare or nanny? Cloth or disposable diapers?   Should you breast feed or use formula?  Moms have lots of choices…and with their decisions often comes a little "mommy guilt"From the day my son was born to today as a mommy to a soon to be five year old little boy the "mommy guilt " is still strong as ever. I often struggle with the questions of am I doing the right thing for him or whether a decision I make for myself will affect his little life negatively.  ...more

Why I No Longer Have Mommy Guilt About Exercising

My life was crazy busy when my kids were very young.  Working out was the last thing on my mind during those days when I was chasing a toddler around the house while nursing a newborn (and yes, by my second child I had perfected the art of nursing while standing, walking, cooking, shopping--you name it).  I hardly had time to finish any of my meals before I had to clean up a spill or grab an escapee from a high chair, and I was routinely awake for more than 20 hours a day.  I was always exhausted and haggard....more

Mommy Guilt: It’s an Industry

Recently, I forgot to send the registration form to the folks running a summer camp that I knew my oldest would love.  It’s now full so he’s out and I feel guilty. My middle child recently got a new bike, but I unknowingly bought one that is far too heavy and much too big for his slight frame. So, this summer he’ll learn to ride on a terrifyingly large bike. He probably won’t take to it and I feel guilty. ...more

5 Ways to Cope When Parenting Feels Like Drowning

I can hardly breathe. I'm trying to keep my cool, but I feel my fingers crunch into fists.I beg my son, "Equis, please get off the floor."My nose turns redder than his, and I'm not even crying. Yet."No, Mommy! Noooo!" Equis screams, planting his face against our apartment's linoleum tiles.Heat creeps up my neck and flushes into my cheeks. "Equis, no more Kindle. It's time to--GASP!" He kicks me right in the throat. This time, my tears come.Sometimes, parenting feels like drowning....more

Is Franklin's turtle mommy a better parent than me?

 Do you think children's books realistically depict parenting? Should they? The first Franklin book I ever read to my daughter was, “Franklin in the Dark.”...more

Tooth and Consequences

Four years ago, I experienced a #MotherFail moment. I am certain it wasn't my first and I am sorry to say, it hasn't been my last, but it has been a moment that has stayed with me all these years. It was getting late and past 4 year-old Diego's bedtime. He was tired, and whiny and I was tired and whiny too, albeit we were tired and whiny in different ways. I had been cleaning and cooking all day to prepare for a party the next day. In an effort to soothe Diego's whining, (or keep him quiet) I told him to watch TV on the family room couch until he fell asleep....more

I Don't Feel Like a Good Mom

"You're a good mom." I've heard it many times. My mom, my husband, therapists, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandma -- even my in-laws have said it several times. "You're a good mom." They say it and all I think about are those times when I yell. Or the times I turn on a movie so that I can write post, browse Pinterest or just have a few minutes of peace while I make dinner. ...more
@Finding Rebecca good point. Instead of fighting about who has the best football player child or ...more

The Longest Days

One of my favorite quotes for parenthood and life is from Gretchen Rubin's Book The Happiness Project.  In that book she says for parents the "...more

How Do You Know If You're A Good Mom? (snippet)

I published this on my Blogger profile. I am only posting a snippet here. Head on over to my blog to read the entire post. ...more