This Is What 47 Looks Like

Hmm... Maybe they should change the name to OLDveralls?! Yippee Ki Yay, Mama!

Little Girls Are The Best... Until They Learn How To Talk!

Girls... I feel sorry for those who have more than one! @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Parenting #Humor **Click image to read on**...more

Mother's Day Advance - Didn't See THIS Coming!

My daughter left a secret note for me in her pillow case this morning. Here's what it said: ...more

Thinking About Starting A Family? Remember THIS!

When I lived alone, my biggest concern was stepping on a piece of glass from an empty beer bottle that missed the trash can after a late night booze fest with friends....more

The Big Dipper

There was a dance yesterday at school, and along with it came a wave of excitement (in my child) that I've ever seen. *Click logo to view full story*...more

Ten Things Every Parent Needs To Know

#6 should be of particular interest to my mother!

Priorities: My How They've Changed!

There was a time, when I didn't have all of these distractions. It was just me and a mangy black cat, living on the edge of nowhere and sleeping as late as we liked. But that was a long time ago; six years, to be exact....more

Big Girls Don't SCREAM!

Sometimes I think my daughter has a split personality....more

The day I almost lost... THE Finger.

It was just another day in the life of me trying to get shit done before picking my then 2-year-old up from preschool. As usual, I was multitasking and doing my best to get five more things done before heading out the door....more

Is it bad that I only dream of sleeping?

I used to dream about being a famous writer; sitting on a chair swapping stories with Ellen while pretending to drink coffee out of one of her famous white mugs....more