I have no idea why as mothers we have the urge to prove that we’re doing better than EVERYONE else out there or why we think that WE have it harder. Mommy wars are becoming an epidemic that just needs to stop. Why are we labeling each other to pin ourselves against one another?...more

Enough already!

Here are a few phrases I could go without for maybe forever:Body imageParenting styleMommy warsPost – baby body...more
The post-baby body is so hilarious!  Mine sucked before and just sucks in a different way now. ...more

Being the Best Mom YOU Can Be

BlogHer has recently featured a post called "I'm a PWM (Proud Working Mom)!" by Synnove Robinson (congrats on the feature BTW :) and one of the last lines inspired a comment that inspired this blog post. Her post is something that as mom bloggers we have definitely seen before. People nitpicking on other people's parenting choices. What is the biggest topic in the mommy war? Whether or not you are a Stay At Home Mom, Work At Home Mom, or a Working Mom....more
I agree. Don't be the mother that you are not.... excellent advice.   Now how do we help women ...more

Parenting is not one size fits all

It's the attack of the mommy wars again. Don't for one second think you haven't heard of these. You know the ones.working mom vs. stay at home mombreastfeeding vs. formula feedingcry it out vs. anti-cry it outI saw arguments about it all last week....more