Making My Own Green Peace

Today, a summer Sunday, my morning started slowly with a gloom over it. Nothing serious, just work again. As I drank my coffee on the back patio, my head just felt heavy. ...more

At Her Harvard Reunion, A Startling Revelation

By Tamar Bihari ...more

Opted, Pushed or Just Plain Not Welcome?

It's the economy, stupid. No matter how we parse it, so many things seem to come back to that famous Bill Clinton campaign mantra. It's still the economy in terms of major issues in this election. And now, it is apparently the economy when it comes to women leaving the workplace. Not babies. Not unfulfilled June Cleaver fantasies. Just plain old economics. ...more

Really well said, PunditMom.  The economy and our economic structure have been changing at ...more

Is "sharing the work" between parents for suckers?

This weekend I perused Lisa Belkin's NYT Magazine Cover Story, "When Mom and Dad Share it All," a piece that explores the ways that couples are devising work and childcare beyond the traditional gender-delineated lines. ...more

As I see it, here's the problem with all women and especially moms. We all suffer from ...more