Are you a good mommyblogger witch or a bad mommyblogger witch?

Apparently there’s a debate raging in the blogosphere, more specifically (God help us) the ‘Mommyblogosphere’ about ‘bad moms’ versus ‘good moms’ and how some bloggers are like pretending to be a ‘bad mom’ because ‘it’s cool,’ and they are almost ashamed to admit they are really a ‘good mom.’   Read more at   P.S. I NEED A BLOGHER TICKET!!! And...if you have a moment, please vote for PajamasandCoffee for Funniest Blog at ...more

WHITE FLAG in Mommy Wars?!

Is it time to put an end to the Mommy Wars? Read more at ...more

The Case Against Judgement

Last month, writer Hanna Rosin had the Internet alive with buzz about her article in the April issue of Atlantic Monthly, entitled, "The Case Against Breastfeeding." In it, she addresses one of the key issues in The Mommy Wars and wonders if breastfeeding is the 2009 equivalent of the vacuum cleaner, tying women to the house, keeping them from their careers, goals and equality with men. ...more

Mommy Wars

I read so much about the "Mommy Wars" but a series fo blogging from one of my favorite bloggers,  Mihow about feminism and the decision between breastfeeding and the bottle, got me in the mood to contribute my two cents. ...more

Disagree, just be nice, please?

Yesterday, Her Bad Mother wrote a very thought provoking post on cross nursing.  She was painfully engorged after being away from home at a conference with no pump available.  A newly befriended mother with a hungry baby offered to help.  Catherine could nurse her baby, who needed to be fed, and get relief in doing so, it was, for her, a perfect combination of supply and demand.  Catherine's perspective is that the offer was a beautiful example of the wonderful sisterhood that can be formed between ...more

Mommy War with Myself

There is this girl. I met her on craigstlist, after hastily deciding not to send my first born to the daycare I'd been planning on for months. She and I had many similarities. We lived in the same town, we got married and had kids at close to the same age, we both had one son. But that's exactly where the similarities ended, because everything else amplified my personal, daily conflict. The one where I chose to work. ...more

What Will Michelle Do?

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, are so adorable. They make America smile every time they skip onto the stage with their father, and we're communally delighted to know their good behavior during the campaign will be duly rewarded with a puppy. ...more

I would push over a nun.

I am a competitive person. To a scary degree. There is this sweet, adorable person in my life who is the best friend a person could ever have (Bo Bee Sah). She got in her car and searched the city for me when she knew I had a bad day once. ...more

the mommification of michelle obama #2

(by east coast mom)  ...more

Will Michelle Obama Spark the Next 'Mommy Wars' Skirmish?

Loads of media types are already wondering aloud, what kind of parents the Obamas will be. For me, that question is sort of silly -- won't they continue to be the same kind of parents they've always been? ...more

I agree, I hope people can move past the "should she/shouldn't she" debate and ...more