How to write with a baby

"Newborn babies sleep up to 16 hours a day". Which pregnant mum-to-be hasn't read that, made a quick calculation and marvelled at the hours and hours of free time awaiting her once the baby arrives. Maybe she could write a novel? Or learn how to paint? Or bake homemade bread everyday.Little do we naive, first-time mums realize that for many of these hours we are either sleeping ourselves or actively involved in keeping the baby asleep. Simply buying bread from the bakery becomes a super-human task....more

Overcoming "Not Enough"

Brenda Parent // The Body Image Project // Review from Body Image Project on Vimeo.  “The words that play over and over in my head are ‘not enough’.” How do we overcome? The scar from a c-section, cellulite, stretch marks…everyone has something about their body that they feel is less than “ideal”.  Some may view these as badges of honor, earned from life’s challenging events, like the birth of a child. Others see them as unforgivable flaws in their appearance.  Our attitudes about imperfection can shape our daily and long-term quality of life.  So- what do we do?...more

Insomnia Pie

I couldn't sleep last night, so I put on a pot of coffee and I baked a pecan pie.  From scratch.  Because that's how I roll....more

Who is The Household CEO and what does it take to fill her shoes? Find out TODAY!

  What does it take to fill the shoes of today’s Household CEO? ...more

Are you a good mommyblogger witch or a bad mommyblogger witch?

Apparently there’s a debate raging in the blogosphere, more specifically (God help us) the ‘Mommyblogosphere’ about ‘bad moms’ versus ‘good moms’ and how some bloggers are like pretending to be a ‘bad mom’ because ‘it’s cool,’ and they are almost ashamed to admit they are really a ‘good mom.’   Read more at   P.S. I NEED A BLOGHER TICKET!!! And...if you have a moment, please vote for PajamasandCoffee for Funniest Blog at ...more

Are Mommybloggers Misunderstanding the Marketing Game?

As traditional publishing continues to experience lay-offs and lower ad revenue, the mommyblogger demographic has grown and flexed its opinion-leader muscles, as evidenced by the recent Mom 2.0 conference. People who weren't paying attention to us as writers a few years ago are scrutinizing us now. In fact, it seems we have our own Forrester report. ...more

After reading this conversation and the one started by more

Personal Blogging: A business venture, a writing adventure, both or none of the above?

Months ago I found myself entirely too close to the epicenter of a heated blogging and marketing discussion. Coincidentally, it was a perfect storm of several bloggers being part of the same PR campaign - myself included - on top of being rejected from another campaign - me again! - for being too honest. Oh the irony of being accused of being a sell-out while simultaneously being told that my opinion and participation were no longer wanted because I was a little *too* truthful. ...more

"The standard I see these days "If you can't say something nice about the product, ...more

Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is: Do We Support Blogs in Print?

Last year when I spoke at BlogHer '08 in the Blogs to Books Redux panel, over half the room wanted to publish a book. I spoke about my journey with Sleep Is for the Weak, BlogHer's first book.  I talked about the project of pulling all those posts together, about editing them, about my excitement at seeing them in print. The story doesn't end there.  Next came selling the books. ...more

I own four of these and I've read three and a half of them.

I try to support my fellow ...more

Play doh, confessions and awkward moments

Hubby is frantically studying for his grad school prep stuff and recently has been going to a friend’s house to be tutored in math. I decided to come along one morning to play with Kaiya and our friend’s little girl. So me in the girls were in one room, happily sticking stickers on each other and gobbing play-doh everywhere while they were in the other room, but just a few feet away. Friend- I hate it when people blog….(Hubby nervously looking over at me)… it’s like they just put up random thoughts… ...more

I actually completely related to her (not with her blog opinions- she can just shut it as far as ...more