Paid Family Leave; Costing Women A Bundle Not To Have it

The argument that it's cost-prohibitive to provide paid time off for new moms and dads is just ridiculous.  It's costing more, right now, to not have it than it would if workers could access paid leave to move easily between care and work. The problem under our current non-system is that the cost is not shared between workers and employers, both of whom would benefit from paid leave. But it is most certainly being paid!...more

Reach For The Stars And Keep Your Feet Grounded

My son came for lunch this weekend like he does every weekend. His two little children and his lovely wife in tow. As we sat down for lunch he said “Ma, I quit my job.” As a concerned mother, I inquired what had happened. He had a plush job, he was doing very well for himself, he traveled places all the time, I could tell he was making a lot of money and he seemed happy. But what he told me left me surprised. “I am missing on their childhood (pointing to his kids). I need to be there for them. Don’t worry, I have a new job....more
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