Music Activities Baby Basics - Part 1

Hello and thanks for stopping in!...more

Why I let my baby girl sleep in bed with me.

Before there were fancy noise machines and before there were electric gliders, women sung sweet lullabies to their babes and rocked them softly to sleep in their arms. There were no alternatives....more

Why I'm Proud of My C-Section

I gave birth to two healthy (but premature) girls in July 2014. Throughout my pregnancy, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted a c-section. See, I'm in the super tiny group that actually had no desire to push. And when I was asked about my "birth plan" (what's that?) I always shyly, and almost embarrassingly apologetical, murmured that I wanted a dreaded c-section.  I've come across some interesting phenomenen while being pregnant - and part of that was the belief that "super moms" vaginally gave birth and c-sections were a big no-no....more

This magic moment

Able to sit on your own -were you able to do that yesterday?- you play with your toys,carefully scrutinizing each one,as though you're looking at it for the first time.Your tiny handshave learned to play your toy piano.With each note,you grin with pride and glee.You look up at me,as if to say, "Are you watching, Mama?"...more

From step-mom to "pregnant girl" in the eyes of my step-sons

Now that we have broke the news to the boys about the Baby, L has decided that he wants to call me pregnant girl, not "the pregnant girl", just pregnant girl. Morning sickness came and went, I am hoping it has showed the last of it's ugly head. The chances of this actually happening are pretty slim, considering I am only 7 weeks along. ...more

38 Things I Have Learned As A Mom

1} You will never do anything in your own privacy again once you become a mom. Your privacy is now your children's privacy as well. You will especially have an audience when you are in the bathroom....more

Ageless Beauty

I almost never get to lounge around in my pajamas, pimple cream, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream slathered on my face, and watch TV.  Certainly during the week when I am the first to get up to pack lunches, start breakfast, coffee and green tea, lining up shoes and coats, watching even a little would be out of the question.  We have the morning routine timed to the last second and if anyone needs to so much as blow his nose, we could get off schedule.  But some Sunday mornings when absolutely nothing is scheduled, I...more

I Have NO Idea What I Am Doing & Other Reflections on My First Year as a Mom

 1) Babies are WAY more resilient than you think. I am incredibly klutzy:  klutzy mom + lack of sleep + precious little tiny baby = recipe for disaster.  Most new mothers irrationally fear dropping their babies, but it was a valid concern in our case (I am sorry, Kalia). ...more

Where are My Freaking Keys!?

A common argument (or, as I like to call them- a loud discussion) in our household begins with- "Where are my freaking keys?"The question is usually aimed towards myself.  The other day my husband got more than his usual average "annoyed-ness" at me regarding it, thus it led to a discussion that went along the lines of: Nick: Why don't you put your freaking keys in the bowl by the door?...more


After I had my first miscarriage it seemed like people came out of the woodwork to tell me they too had had a miscarriage.  I didn’t realize first pregnancy miscarriages were so common.  I remember someone even telling me about their 4 or 5 miscarriages and saying to Paul that I didn’t think I could go through that.  The loss of our first baby was so painful even though I was only 10 weeks along.  I felt like my heart was breaking.  And then we had our Emma.  She truly is the light of our lives and makes my heart feel overwhelmed with love for her and I...more