Mompreneur Spotlight for January 2015 - The Anti Coaches

At Mompreneur Ink, our mission is to develop Mompreneurs through business coaching support and accountability, timely and relevant small business resources and trusted expert referrals. We provide a one-stop-shop where Moms get everything necessary to operate a home-based business and see immediate results – now. One of the best ways we know to actively live our mission is to seek out successful Mompreneurs who are achieving greatness in their families and in their businesses....more

When Stress is More than Stress: It’s SAD

Running a business and raising a family are two very large pairs of pumps on their own accord. Wearing them both at the same time is enough to stress even the most relaxed Mompreneur to her breaking point, and boy can I relate!...more

Just One Quiet Hour for Mompreneurs

One of the biggest dilemmas work from home mothers have is time.  Not necessarily the time to do their work but the time to gather their thoughts and get organized for the work day.I posted on my Facebook Page this question:...more

How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

As any mom will tell you, having a kid changes everything. After they’re born, your priorities, goals, and visions do a complete about-face. And that can be tricky if you run a business. After all, being an entrepreneur is one of those all-engrossing careers. You barely have time to breathe, let alone run your kids to soccer practice. But as someone who is raising two boys and running a business, I assure you it is possible. You just have to know how to transition properly. ...more

Just Gor For It: Blog Round-Up

Happy Friday! This has been a 'just go for it' type of week for me. I started a video blog column, which caused me to be both excited & nervous. I had been thinking & writing about doing it for a while, and I just decided it was time to go for it.“Whatever it is your heart desires, please go for it, it’s yours to have”. ~Gloria Estefan...more
Please also share any great inspirational stories that you have read this week in the columns. ...more

5 Qualities Every Great Mompreneur Possesses

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching on Sunday May 11th, I thought I’d dedicate this post to the mompreneurs of the world. Being a mompreneur (mom + entrepreneur) is an incredible and rewarding experience, but by no means is it easy work! Maintaining the balance between work life and personal life is a daily struggle and one that absolutely nobody in this role can claim they don’t have to face either....more

Start Selling Your Products Online Today

 It is great making wonderful products, but it is even better when people start buying your wonderful products. Right? You make it because you love doing it, but you smile when people show you that they love it too by buying it. I still remember when I sold my first print on Etsy. It was actually to someone in Singapore. At the time, I did not know how to ship international items. I learned quickly. So, how can you start selling online? ...more

Tips By Nicole Orozco From Mompreneur Media

   Today I am proud to feature Mompreneur Nicole Orozco from Mompreneur Media!...more

How to Break Out of the Social Media Time Suck

  Dear Socially Stephanie, HELP! ...more
@abaconw48026 Word of mouth marketing is very valuable.  You are right. I recommend using share ...more

Facing The Mompreneur Stigma

How many of you Moms in business have come across the Mompreneur stigma of not being taken seriously in the business world?...more