3 Tips To Get Your Spouse On Board With Your Business

Last week at the first ever Rockin Mompreneur event, I handed out a survey with a series of questions and a section for additional comments. Later when I went over the surveys a topic that it seemed like a lot of the women wanted to cover at the next event was how to get your spouse on board with your business....more

Effective Life Hacks For First Time Mompreneurs

You may have been the vision of organization and efficiency before baby came along, but now everything’s changed. Many first-time mompreneurs approach motherhood with the general belief that they can gracefully ease into motherhood just as easily as they used to slide into their favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans....more

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed

We all want to have what it takes to succeed. But actually having what it takes to succeed is often much more involved than we know. When we do not or are not willing to look at ourselves objectively we often overestimate how far we are willing to go to reach our dreams. By not looking at our own behavior long and hard with honest eyes it becomes  very difficult to be able to see ourselves and our behavior objectively....more

Succeed by changing your beliefs

It’s time to up our game, to change our thinking and by doing so change our futures. I am not talking about changing everything we think because that would be overwhelming and unnecessary. I am talking about digging up some dirt from our past, those limiting beliefs that stand in the way of us achieving our goals and eradicating them once and for all. By doing this you will have a newfound sense of freedom and it will open up unending possibilities that were just beyond your reach before....more


 Feeling a bit under the weather today so wasn’t sure if I was going to make my deadline today or not. But, here I am..refusing to let a little cold stop me from my committment!!I saw this earlier today on Facebook and loved it:...more

Down with Mompreneurs

Not the people, the word. ...more
Absolutely! I run a private daycare out of my home. Like you, I'm an entrepreneur who ...more

Being a MOMPreneur is Big Business

So it’s 2011. Maybe your kids are all in school now, and maybe you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to get creative – in every sense of the word. Maybe you’ve decided that you want to contribute to society. That you’re going to contribute to your household income. That’s you’re going to leave your high stress job in search of flexibility and balance. Maybe you need to work for financial reasons, maybe you don’t. But one thing is for certain… MomPreneurship is big business. ...more

I'm new to the mompreneur world and loving it so far!more

Protecting your pregnant friends, naturally

  Today I was reading a back issue of one of my favorite new magazines and learned a few things. Maybe old news to many, but new to me.   A very dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third baby, and a very busy Mom & business owner. I think I'm the "greenest" of my friends (its lonely sometimes)....more

Resources and The 4-Hour Workweek

The services featured below provide you with the tools and resources to help you succeed both personally and professionally....more