Winter Gift Guide for Stay-at-Home-Moms

We are in full-fledged fall mode over here. All of the leaves on our trees have turned and I'm seeing gold and red all around me. The leaves are piling up in the yard and I know it won't be long before we start raking. The temperatures have fallen and there's a weekly conversation on when to light the pilot for heat. So far, the days have been nice - cooler, but still nice and sunny. We've only had a few frost advisory nights so far. Nonetheless, I'm certainly gearing up for even cooler days and colder nights....more

My Work Space

I figured it out! I always wondered why am I so incredibly neurotic about my kitchen being clean? When my entire (albeit cute and cozy) house is a disaster I am okay as long as my kitchen is clean. If my kitchen is a mess watch out. Crazy mama up in here....more

How to Dress for Fall


They May Never Be Potty Trained: a message of hope

*some level of common sense suspension may be required to read and fully enjoy the following post...As I gathered up the wet sheets this morning and headed to the laundry room, I remembered a question I had read the night before...The question was from a parent of a young child that is Autistic and nonverbal, she was looking for potty training help.Training your child to use the toilet....more

The Day I Stopped Caring About My Offensive Boobs

We’re just back from (partially) summering in Buenos Aires, which probably sounds a lot fancier than it actually is.  I’m still in a sleep-deprived fog and feeling lots of the feelings these days.  I actually blame it on the Spanish-dubbed version of “Inside Out” that we saw while we were down there.  P.S.- In case you were wondering, the Spanish-speaking version of Lewis Black sounds EXACTLY the same.  He should definitely consider calling himself Luis Negro…...more

Being An Introverted Mother

I was able to stay home with Ethan after he was born for 7 weeks before finally starting a new job. Those were the hardest 7 weeks of my life. Being responsible for someone so tiny and fragile that needed your every minute was exhausting beyond what I could ever have imagined....more

Saving Money on Groceries and in the Kitchen

Becoming financially independent and free starts with good saving habits. Saving money on groceries and in the kitchen includes practical tips and advice how you can increase your savings while still living a good life....more