Guess What, Moms? I Don't Care How You Define Parenting

Helicopter moms vs. free range moms. Spank or don’t spank. Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. Cry it out vs. co-sleeping. I don’t care how you define your parenting and the choices you make for your child. I really don’t. I could give two shits less what you do. Why should I? Your choices have no effect over my child or my family. ...more
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Don't. Touch. My. Kid.

I'm a public transit gal. Have been for a long time. And with the Husband working on the other side of the city, out of range of the subway, it's always made sense for him to drive to work. On days when I have appointments or work downtown, I hop on the bus and then the subway. Having a kid has reduced the frequency, but I still haul one of them in a baby carrier if I need to. I hate taking a stroller, but I'm totally fine strapping a kid on and doing what I have to.People on public transit are fucking weird....more

Top 5 Mom Items I Wish Someone Would Invent

I've always wanted to invent a new product.  I've had a couple of good ideas, but then I usually discover it's already been invented.This portable potty seat, for example.  Out of pure necessity, I came up with this brilliant idea....more
Great share, I lolled hard. Talking about potty, they might add some chains to it to keep the ...more

Better Than An Obituary

I pulled a bag of blueberries from the freezer to make some muffins. Due to favorable growing conditions and some savvy harvesting, from time to time I can relive a bit of the past season, until next summer's crop. The cooler air and barren trees are bitter reminders that people, too, come and go like seasons in our lives. My mother and I planted a relationship seed of our own one spring that did not survive another season. As crazy as she made me, I’d give all the blueberry crops in the world, to share a muffin with my mother.***...more

Best Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Bag

When I got pregnant and was registering, call me crazy, but I was most excited to pick out my diaper bag. I wanted one that looked stylish as I toted around my baby girl. I opted for a designer one (on sale, obviously!) and have been thrilled with its appearance. It’s really cute and I get compliments on it all the time. Well, except from my husband: the disorganization of my 'catch-all' bag stresses him out a bit to say the least. ...more

Working mom or Stay-at-home mom, why does it have to be a “vs.”?

One of my fellow single-parent now blended family friends posed this question—how do you handle the “burden” of being a working mom—when the Ex is guilting you for working rather than staying home to take care of the little one?My response:  It's such a balance...and some days I feel guilty that I wasn't around more for DD2 as I was for DD1--I was out due to disability for many months, then part time after a year...but I knew that I had to work to support my family, I was the main breadwinner. My mom was a working mom, so I guess I inherited that from her....more

Soldiers: Little Kids in Grown Up Uniforms

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A Mother's Never Forgets

Josiah’s Birthday ...more