Working mom or Stay-at-home mom, why does it have to be a “vs.”?

One of my fellow single-parent now blended family friends posed this question—how do you handle the “burden” of being a working mom—when the Ex is guilting you for working rather than staying home to take care of the little one?My response:  It's such a balance...and some days I feel guilty that I wasn't around more for DD2 as I was for DD1--I was out due to disability for many months, then part time after a year...but I knew that I had to work to support my family, I was the main breadwinner. My mom was a working mom, so I guess I inherited that from her....more

Soldiers: Little Kids in Grown Up Uniforms

4 Feb 76...more

A Mother's Never Forgets

Josiah’s Birthday ...more

32 Year Old Housewife

It's funny the things we keep.Last year, when my mother died and her house sold, we had to clean it out. During our excavation (Mom was a bit of a hoarder) my son-in-law found her medical records. For no known reason, I wanted them. I couldn't bear to part with them.Several weeks passed before I screwed up the nerve to look through them. On paper, thin and delicate as old lace, her breast cancer odyssey unfolded. There it all was. From the lumps, first diagnosed as Fibrosis, to the radical mastectomy. ...more

An Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow: Please Stop

Dear Gwyneth,Is that what I should call you, or is there another name you’d prefer I use?...more

My Quest to Break Mom Circles

A few years back I was sharing a glass of wine with some moms from my daughters' school. We were chatting about how busy it was with school starting and the fall schedules ramping up when I overheard a woman say: "I just want to hang out with the people I know already like. I mean, I have my family and my close it wrong that I don't want to spend what little free time I have with people I don't even know if I'll like?"As I watched a few heads bob up and down I was stunned -- mainly because we just spent 30 minutes before that talking about mean girls....more

Variations on Childhood Songs

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Twinkle twinkle little ClaraBeing the middle child is not fairaAlways having to act outBecause we forget you unless you shoutGood thing you are really funnySo we remember you're there, honey.Twinkle twinkle little ClaraWe also cannot forget your haira. ...more

10 Ways to Re-Claim Yourself After a Break-up

RenaA break up can be a wake up call – to yourself. After tears, anger and blame comes hopefully, a time for healing and self-reflection.It’s also a time to re-claim yourself. Rediscover the you that is still there, even though you may be on your own. Of course, this sounds so easy and common sense, right? But the fact is, many women lose themselves in their relationships and with the busy-ness that comes with child-rearing (for those who have them) and truly have to dig a little to allow the time to focus on themselves....more

The Things We Keep

 Death is an unpleasant event. For all the obvious reasons.When the time came, finally, for my mother's memorial, I dreaded it.For one thing, she died four months ago. My hip surgery immediately afterward stalled the date. So, this final piece of business lingered and I had a lot of time to not look forward to it....more