Variations on Childhood Songs

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Twinkle twinkle little ClaraBeing the middle child is not fairaAlways having to act outBecause we forget you unless you shoutGood thing you are really funnySo we remember you're there, honey.Twinkle twinkle little ClaraWe also cannot forget your haira. ...more

10 Ways to Re-Claim Yourself After a Break-up

RenaA break up can be a wake up call – to yourself. After tears, anger and blame comes hopefully, a time for healing and self-reflection.It’s also a time to re-claim yourself. Rediscover the you that is still there, even though you may be on your own. Of course, this sounds so easy and common sense, right? But the fact is, many women lose themselves in their relationships and with the busy-ness that comes with child-rearing (for those who have them) and truly have to dig a little to allow the time to focus on themselves....more

The Things We Keep

 Death is an unpleasant event. For all the obvious reasons.When the time came, finally, for my mother's memorial, I dreaded it.For one thing, she died four months ago. My hip surgery immediately afterward stalled the date. So, this final piece of business lingered and I had a lot of time to not look forward to it....more

Everything I Know About my Son I learned from Philip Seymour Hoffman

 As anyone with a TV now knows, the beloved actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose after 23 years of clean living, surrounded by bags of heroin. The reason why, not immediately evident....more

Don't Cry, Mom

Funny thing about being a mom: Some of it's not that funny. Don't get me wrong: A lot of it is joyous, glorious, fulfilling. Even when you're sleep deprived, at the fraying end of your rope, wishing you'd had your tubes tied when you were eleven, one look at those tiny, precious faces and somehow it's okay. You have your babies, get to call yourself Mom. Then they start doing shit. You gotta start kissing boo-boos....more
delray09  There is, indeed. Thank you for reading!more

Top 5 Books To Read As A Homeschooling Mom are if you are a homeschooling mom, you have an entire library devoted to the science of homeschooling.Unschooling? Classical Homeschooling?  Homeschooling through a Charter?  With a curriculum?  What'cha got?So, these are a few books that I LOVE:1) The ESV Study Bible ...more

This Year, I Am Going To Be Silly

This Year I Am Going To Be Silly.  ...more


When did this happen?One year and 22 days.That’s how long I’ve been submerged in the world of breastfeeding. I had big, huge plans on when and how I would weanmy daughter from the boob to  bottle or sippy cup. I pictured nights of endless crying on all our ends as she would be crying for her comfort; I’d  be crying from frustration and guilt, and Alex because he had to deal with an angry baby, sad wife, and lack of sleep....more

5 Ways to Avoid Swimming Down Cranky Creek is Friday, and  I have been wearing my apron ever since 8am.It's one of those days.The 3 youngest are all recovering from a cold; the 23 month old has the brunt of it today.  Fortunately it's a 24 hour bug, but unfortunately they have all lost their voices.  This is, indeed, very unfortunate for them, but it is unbearably cute at the same time.  ...more