What If Mommy Has ADHD?

 Last year I went to see a therapist to find out if I have ADHD. I was concerned about my lack of interest in doing dishes (I kid you not). I'll clean, and our house isn't a pigsty (well, not exactly) but I'll always put if off and I always dread it.Other reasons I went to find out:...more

Prozac Smile


You Are Not Alone!

It's amazing to me how many people flash me a familiar smile or nod when I mention I'm ADD.  There are some people who laugh and say it's an excuse (usually in nicer words), or those who try to convince me that everyone struggles with the same issues.  Some of these I'm convinced are ADD as well.  Others nod in agreement as if to say, "Yeah, you are!"  Then there are those who I know know all about it because they're ADD too.  I don't think people truly know the affects of ADD unless they or someone they're close to has ADD....more