Happy Mother’s Day To My Son

 (Vintage Angel Boy) Because, of course, without him, I wouldn’t have a Mother’s Day at all....more

For My Single Mother

Bellonheels.com  I have learned that being a blogger means being authentic. Telling the world your story. A huge part of my story, is my mother....more

An afghan as a symbol of regret...

My husband noticed something was wrong.At first I hesitated. Then I told him, "No, it's stupid.""I can tell something is wrong, what is it?""You're going to think this is stupid. Actually, it is  stupid. Ridiculous... [long pause]"... Last night, I dreamed of an afghan."Lest he think I meant an Afghan rather than the knitted blanket I envisioned, I hurriedly clarified:...more

To the Mothers...

To the MothersMa-ma!Urgent scream from my three-year-old.  Every single time he wakes up.Mo-om.Eye-roll and extra long "o" sound from disgruntled seven-year-old.I wuv you, Mama.As my three-year-old places a hand on each side of my face and a sloppy wet kiss on my lips.I love you the whole much, Mama.Extra long hug from the seven-year-old at bedtime or anytime she wants me to linger just a little bit longer....more

A Letter To My Mother, Second Take!