Raising Teens Is Hell -- but Suddenly, It Ends

Will I survive my last year as Mom of a teen? I’d love to just flat out murder whoever advised me to have three teenagers at the same time. As I look back on my life, I will openly and publicly admit that the ten years I’ve spent mothering three teenagers were the hardest in my life....more
@MADtini One of the nicests gifts is to see them come home from college as young, independent ...more

As You Grow, So Do My Wishes for You

Today is my oldest daughter's 12th birthday. Every day I pray for my children. For her birthday, I wanted to reprint the wishes I posted last year... with a few additions....more
 @victorias_view  Thanks. I am praying these wishes and many more come true. ;-)more

The Top Three Words to Use to Help You Better Relate to your Tween Child

If you have a middle school child and want to better relate to him or her, I recommend you learn some of their top used terms. My son is 11 and is in 5th grade, and although it's his first year in middle school,  he already has picked up a stellar new vocabulary there!Here are the top three words you should use when relating to your middle school child. Now it's possible you could use these with elementary, high school or even college kids but I wouldn't know about that. I am an expert in 11 year olds.Here you go:...more
I never heard of Pwned! Thanks for keeping me cool ;)more

Where Do Moms of Teens Go?

I was looking around the internet the other day for a collaborative website (think Babble, or BlogHer) that includes A) Single moms, B) moms of teens C) Single moms of teens or any combination of the three.I mean, there are places for singles women, newly divorced/going through a divorce women, pregnant women, women with fertility issues, new mommies, mommies of newborns, multiples, toddlers, kids. But once our children near the end of their childhood and stand on the cusp of teenhood, all of sudden, us mothers are, well on our own....more
ScarletRed my son is 17 years old, but when he was 16 we had all those problems.  He too was ...more