Change America in an Hour and a Half

I figure we could solve a multitude of problems for American families by doing these two things. * Reduce the in-office workday by 1.5 hrs (assume 3:30). * Increase the school day by 1.5 hrs (assume 4:00). This way parents can swing by and pick up their kids on their way home from work. It’s insane that our school day and our work day aren’t aligned. Its like we’re pretending that our nation’s workers and our nation’s parents are two separate people. They’re not. ...more

I'll agree this doesn't fix the daycare issue for small children - except that it does reduce ...more

What Breastfeeding Ban? Defending Facebook

This post certainly won't make me popular but I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now goes. ...more
My facebook profile was disabled last week after I posted pictures of me breastfeeding. I was ...more