How to Monetize Your Blog with ShareASale | Sponsored Opps, Reviews, & More

ShareASale is a great way to monetize your blog, find sponsored posts, sponsored Tweets, review opportunties, earn commissions from sales and find great content to share awesome products and deals with your readers....more

Where brands connect bloggers - make money blogging

As soon as advertisers and brands noted the "eyeballs" they can get from home blogging business, ultimate opportunities are offered to bloggers which gradually turned most of them into freelance writers. (Ain't we all?) Besides display ads, affiliates,...getting sponsored posts and reviews to write is another great way to monetize your blog....more

How to add ads code below post title in blogger

Be A Crafter xDI've been thinking of ways to display ads effectively on this blog. Many says the spot just below a post title is the best place...hmm so give it a go then. I tested this with a few ads code from different ads network and it works (not just for Adsense ads)...more

Blogging + social media as playground factory :: hidden digital labor profits

new book Digital Labor: Internet as Playground + Factory explains global capitalism crisis links to hidden labor of digital economy: "Digital Labor asks whether life on the internet is mostly play, or work. We tweet, we tag photos, we link, we review books, we comment on blogs, we remix media, and we upload video to create much of the content that makes up the web. And large corporations profit on our online activity by tracking our interests, affiliations, and habits—and then collecting and selling the data....more