BlogHer '12: What Childless Women Want Brands to Know

My panel at BlogHer '12 went very well and as it should be, there were lessons for the audience and panel, too. The session was sweetly named,Table for One, and it focused on the challenges of women bloggers without children to attract brand attention and strategies to turn things around....more
I also feel a little upset when the ads that are directed at women without kids it's dating ads. ...more

Reasons it doesn't matter if no one reads my blog

This blog is a big deal to me. It always has been.Only for the past year or so, though, have I attempted to care if it were a big deal to other people too.It’s something about me I’m not fond of – this apparent need to be liked. I never thought I had that very much. I’ve found myself censoring more, saying less. Trying to appeal…and for what?...more
What a liberating realization you've had! I need to get there. I just started a blog, after ...more

Want to have a good laugh?

Originally posted at: http://fourunder4plustwo.blogspot.comWant to have a good laugh? Then watch this video:  ...more