Philadelphia Tax Code: Controversial for Bloggers

If you live in the city of Philadelphia, you might want to rethink your decision to make money with your blog and website. Last week's article in the Philadelphia City Paper discussing the impact of the city's Business Privilege Tax on residents who engage in "activity for profit" has sparked a big controversy with bloggers across the web. ...more

Yes, just within city limits.

Karen Bojar


How Much Should You Charge for Advertising on Your Blog?

Ever get an email from a potential advertiser asking you what your ad rates and sizes are? ...more

Thanks for the link to the resource. I'm not yet at the point where I have the traffic to charge ...more

Can You Really Make Money from Your Blog with Affiliate Links?

The making-money-on-the-internet gurus preach that the key to making money from your blog is promote and sell products via affiliate links. Over the past six years, I’ve experimented with affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and ShareASale, and did everything I was supposed to including doing product reviews and running sidebar affiliate ads. With the exception of Amazon Affiliates, where I usually earned $10-50 per month until Amazon dropped all their Colorado affiliates (more on that later) I made nothing. Why was that? ...more
Thanks for your overview as I've dabbled casually with Amazon for years but time to get seriousmore

You Can Get Your Blog on Kindle: Here's How

You can now publish your blog’s RSS feed for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store and Amazon will share revenue with you for every Kindle user who subscribes to your feed. ...more

Just checked and I have a whopping 15 readers and 2 trial subscriptions. The New York Times I am ...more

Open Sky Lets Bloggers Open Bloggy Storefronts

Most bloggers who self-host their sites need to find a way to meet those minimal hosting bills, and others are trying to monetize their blog in order to have some cash for all their work. Advertisements are an easy way to earn a bit of money. Others have expanded into doing reviews, usually in exchange for a free product. There may be a new way to monetize a blog on the horizon. ...more

It could be a great way to raise money within a community.

Melissa writes more

Show me the money sister

I would love to be rich.Like, really, really rich. ...more

Monetizing your blog--starting your mom blog (Part VII)

Before I do a final wrap-up of starting your mom blog, I think it is important to go where many bloggers eventually find themselves. Do you put ads on your blog or not? There have been some amazing discussions about this over the past week and again at BlogHer. So, let's hit this one head on and talk about it. Last week MetroDad started a discussion on what he felt was a "throw away post" on ads on blogs that began to take on a life of its own. He didn't expect it to become an issue that would have other people put him up as the "anti-ad" blogger. (For the record, he is not anti-ad.) In his original post he writes about it. ...more

Jen, first thanks for the mention. Second, I'm so glad that this discussion has kept going even ...more