How to Read Like a Writer

How to Read Like a Writer Posted August 26th, 2011 by Karen Banes and filed in Writing Tags: reading, Writing, writing tips 12 Comments If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write. -         Stephen King As writers, we are constantly given the advice to read, read, read – and analyze what we read, but is there a trick to getting the most out of what we read? Is there a knack to reading as ...more

One Less Maverick

Yes this is another post about Steve Jobs leaving Apple, but not quite either. This post may just possibly be about you. The announcement of Jobs stepping down as CEO was met with universal grief, akin to a death. Stock issues and Apple's future aside, majority lamented the end of an era marked, uniquely, by one man's ethos. One man. In a world where you learn to acquiesce to mediocrity for survival, and consensus and conformity are prized, Jobs ...more

Tell Your Friends You Are Into Saving Money

Welcome!! We are so happy you are here, If you never want to miss a deal again please subscribe to FFD, you will get a free eBook that could save you $1000's of dollarsShareToday’s frugal tip is to spread the word that you are now saving money. You might be surprised at all your friends and family might do for you simply because they know this fact. They might: Save cans and bottles for you to recycle and get ...more

Living with $100 a month for food

Inspired by my West Coast girl Krystal, who caught some flack for mentioning wanting to try out an emergency food budget of $100 a month, I thought I’d post BF’s war menu. See, this idea came about when he saw our food budget rise * *Mostly due to his desire to make me gain a little weight because he thought I was too skinny. He was surprised at our food budget going out of control, and then he started ...more

My Grandparents, My Frugal Idols

This coming Sunday is Grandparents' Day. My grandparents are amazing. So are my children's grandparents. But this holiday has got me thinking about all the wonderful and frugal things they did when I was growing up. credit -Raised farm animals My grandparents lived on a recreational farm. They didn't farm for a living, it was mostly a hobby. But they never bought eggs and come to think of it, almost no one in our family bought eggs either. There ...more

Money- Saving Linky - June

I thought the money saving post I did last month was so much fun, I'd start doing one every month!  I love finding new ways to save money, and there are always new and fun ways! -Checkpoints has become my new favorite iPhone app (are you kidding?  I can earn money on my phone?). It has a whole campaign running at Wal-Mart right now that gets you like 150 points (equivalent of about 50 cents) just for scanning 5 ...more

Great Ideas for Inexpensive Vacation Souvenirs

I'm sure if you've taken a trip any time, anywhere, you've noticed that buying mementos and souvenirs can get very expensive. I can remember my parents telling me that when I was much younger and they were the ones paying for my goodies to take home. Now that I'm the parent, those goodies cost even more!Now occasionally you just have to throw caution to the wind and splurge on that *special something* that you just can't live without~but we ...more

Why do you budget?

Forget about people telling you that you should budget, you should do this and do that. If you don’t want to budget, you will feel like you are being forced to… and this will make you resent it even more. Why do you budget? And if you don’t, what’s stopping you (or do you have another brilliant money plan in place)? REASONS FOR WHY I BUDGET I budget because… A) it makes me feel like I am in control ...more

Doing it Yourself

Day 16Doing it yourself can not only save you money, but add to your sense of satisfaction in life, as well. The June 2011 edition of Ladies' Home Journal quotes neuroscientist Kelly Lambert and other scientists as saying that hand work fights depression. Meaningful work with your hands releases floods of dopamine and serotonin that make us feel happy and satisfied. The work that best calls forth these happy chemicals is when we use our hands in anything related ...more

July Food Stamp Challenge — Day Five, Saving Money

Although I set the budget at $101 per person per month for the July Food Stamp Challenge, many people receive much, much less. (A reader just commented about a friend who was getting $16 per month!) In fact, I would be surprised if most food stamp recipients weren’t spending out of pocket to pay the difference between their allotment and how much they actually needed to feed their families. Which is why it’s important to save money in every ...more