Side Hustles



Have you ever experienced a customer service level so horrible you actually learned lessons from them?I have gathered the seven type (there are more) of vendors I encountered when I was wedding planning that have taught me lessons about saving time, stress, and money!I have had my share of poor customer service from empty promises to losing a lot of money from a company dropping the ball. Working with the right people can make the stress of wedding planning or running a company more enjoyable....more

Budgeting Your Money


Which Is Better, to Pay Off Debt or Invest?

According to Federal Reserve statistics and other US government data, the average US household credit card debt is $15,706; average mortgage debt $156,333, and average student loan debt $32,953. Is it reasonable to pay off debt or invest instead?...more

Celebrating Growth, Even When You're Bad at Math

I've been thinking a lot about math lately.  I'm terrible at math, I always have been.  It was the only subject in school where I was happy if I even squeaked by.  But it took some growing up to understand that the concepts in math are much more relatable to life than I expected....more

Should I Increase Income or Become Frugal?

Do you consider yourself wealthy or at least making enough to support your family? If you don't, what should you do? Should you increase income or become more frugal? One of the most important part of this blog is to answer your questions. Carmen from Canada sent me the following one:...more

Enough Already! End the Absurdity of Back to School Shopping!

I don't know where summer went, but believe it or not, back to school is right around the corner (August 3rd, for my kids).  With the start of school comes the massive shopping spree that has become "normal" for most parents.  In fact, the National Retail Federation ranked back-to-school shopping as the 2nd highest spending season of the year, behind only the winter holidays.  They report that the average family with children in grades K-12 plans to ...more

Two In A Roll Please Not Three

Not sure how I'm going to handle the up coming eating. Saturday Murphy and I are meeting Paul and Gloria at PANHANDLE PIES parking lot. Then we're going to drive up to HILLS RESORT I'm taking the camera with.Then Carrie ask me if I want to go an barbecue put on by Cross Road Community chapel....more

Out of Control Spending

I Wonder Wednesday: Can A Minimum Wage Boo Make You Happy?

 Can someone who makes minimum wage, or anywhere near, make you happy if you’re making considerably more money? Does money matter? I was listening to the radio and that question was raised. And it made me wonder, is it actually possible? Can you be happy if your significant other does not bring home mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money?...more