I Wonder Wednesday: Can A Minimum Wage Boo Make You Happy?

 Can someone who makes minimum wage, or anywhere near, make you happy if you’re making considerably more money? Does money matter? I was listening to the radio and that question was raised. And it made me wonder, is it actually possible? Can you be happy if your significant other does not bring home mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money?...more

Should I Start a Business?

Should I start a business? Is entrepreneurship path for me? How should I know? These are the questions many of us have faced or currently face. If you can relate, read on!I recently got an email from a reader who is currently facing exactly the same issue. This a very important question that came from Ryan, US:[question]Should I start a business? I am not sure![/question]...more

Saving Money: Why Do We Love it So Much?

Almost everyone loves to save money.What makes it so satisfying?I think bargain-hunting is such a boost because:1) It’s a challenge....more

How To Set Financial Goals In 3 Easy Steps

Financial goals are an important part of your personal finances. But how to set financial goals, and get the results? Have you EVER determined your financial goals? Why not? Let me tell you, if you have not, stop coming up with excuses. I show you why and how to set your very own financial goals!...more

Looks Like Money Really Doesn't Equal Happiness

People wonder all the time: does having money equal happiness? Looks like the answer really is no.  According to an Infographic put together by the masters in counseling program at Northwestern University, affluence can positively impact early-childhood development, but then negatively impact a child's mental health and increase their likelihood of substance abuse in their teen years....more

The Ultimate List to Organizing Your Finances

Are you good at organizing your finances or do you need some help? Auditing your finances can be overwhelming to most people. Therefore I have put together this Ultimate List to Organizing Your Finances that helps you understand the areas you need to focus on....more

22 Tricks to Save at the Grocery Store

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the third-largest household expense. Regardless of whether you're feeding just yourself or entire family, most likely you find that groceries are huge part of your paycheck. These 22 tricks will help you save money, prevent impulse buys, and find the best prices. ...more
Kristie Perkins This is so true! Cheaper store does not always mean more affordable. I am a huge ...more

Life is Crazy

So since the last time I have "blogged" my new car broke down three day after I bought it.  The tranny needed to be replaced.  The dealership took care of it and gave me a car off their lot that accommodated our family size.  Big thank you to Keifer Mazda. The next day I go on with my day get every off to school on time and head to the gym to get some me time.  After my wonderful Zumba class I get a text from my bank saying that someone has charged my bank card $200 to KFC and $256 to Dutch Bros....more

What the Bible Says About Money

What do money and faith have in common? Both are part of our daily life.But what the Bible says about money, budgeting, debt and giving?To be a good steward of the finances God provides you with, you need to keep your finances under control. This also means saving, giving generously and getting out of debt. Find out some of the most powerful quotations from the Holy Bible that will change your mindset....more

What I Learned From my First 6 Months of Freelance Writing

     I've been writing since I was a kid. Poems, stories, essays, you name it. In the last six months, I have finally gotten serious about it and started pursuing actual writing jobs and pay for my work. Here's what the last six months have taught me:...more
I haven't gotten into freelance writing yet, but I've been heavily considering it to make a few ...more