How To Take Away The Guilt From Spending Money

Authenticity finds its roots in really simple ideas, for example, living with intention and acting sincerely.  All  of us make decisions and choices each and everyday on how we live through our behaviour or by what we say....more

No Magic in Money (Part 2): Using "The Ladder" to Get What You Need

What has this to do with you and your bank account? Plenty. Remember that exercise I had you do a couple of blogs ago? The one where you sat with actual currency, and noticed what thoughts and feelings came up. One of those beliefs may have been, if only I had more of this I could….take a vacation, eat out more, get some new clothes, go to that training. While some things DO require money, I’m amazed when I look at my clients’ spending habits, including those who experience themselves as being underfunded, and what they blow their money on in an unquenchable desire to feel better....more