Money Saving Tips & Tricks

My husband and I are CHEAP! There's really no way to sugar coat it or put it in another light. We do everything in our power to save money. In order to really understand I thought I would share a little bit of our story as to how our finances came to be....more

2014 Financial Bucket List

We've gotten to the fun bucket list... the one where we talk about money. Ahhh! Let's just put it out there, not many people enjoy talking about money. Many of us cringe at the words "budget" and "saving." ...more
csmsand So true Sabrina. The initial work/sacrifice is worth the reward.more

Managing through LIFE's Big Changes

Life Happens. Take Charge. Get Back on Track Today!...more

Go Green and Save Money

I’ve been trying to find different ways for my family to be more 'green' but the main issue is that being green can sometimes cost a lot more.  So, I went looking for ways to be both nice to the environment and nice to my wallet.  Let’s be honest, most of the population isn’t going to change their lifestyle if it is going to cost more. I’ve come up with five easy changes that will not only help reduce excess waste but also save the average family a decent amount of money each year....more
There are always something we can do for our environment and our own good. Reducing the usage of ...more

How to Shrink Your Cable Bill ... And Keep All Your Channels

When my cable bill was jacked up about $30 more a month, I was a little less than pleased. So I decided to do something about it. I called my cable carrier (rhymes with Momfast) and asked them if there was some way to reduce my bill because it was more than I was willing to pay. The reply I got was, "Sure. Let's see what we can do here."  ***NOTE: If your CSR isn't so pleasant, call back and get someone else....more
I totally agree with you Amy. I am working for a Sat Tv Provider and yes, companies really want ...more

Extreme Couponing and the Art of Stockpiling

Just typing the word stockpile makes me twitchy so you can imagine how I'm handling the fact that this extreme couponing experiment has turned me into a stockpiler. I have moments when I'm on the verge of hyperventilating. Or when I want to just throw in the towel and say enough already. When TW put a Stuff to Stockpile list on the whiteboard I almost had a heart attack. ...more
Hi Denise, it is good to meet you, I am need of some help, I am trying to learn how to become ...more

Money Saving Tips for 2011

I was asked recently on twitter what my top money saving tips for families in 2011would be. I sat down and started to write them out, when I realized all I really had to do was comb through the archives of this blog to come up with a top ten list. You see, my money saving advice doesn’t change much from year to year. I do think it’s important to revisit our goals often though, so I did think a  list of money saving tips for families in 2011 was a list worth writing....more
A great way to save money when on a budget is getting rid of all unnecessary luxuries like ...more

Got a Money-Saving Disney or Travel Tip? Disney Magic Idea and Tip!

 We're getting ready to head to Disney World with our 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. It's our first time going--ever! So I'm gathering the scoop from my mom network of friends. Everyone (except me) has been to Disney and has tips to share. Restaurants to frequent. Rides to skip or ones worth the wait. Strategies. Disney books....more

Downtown Disney is free, and you can buy all the souvenirs you want there, eliminating the need ...more

Funeral Service --- Technology Bridges the Miles

 I would like to share with you a story of something that happened in my life and how I used modern technology in a way I’ve never seen it used before.  It is something you or someone you know may be faced with at any time.  It was the death of a loved one.  ...more

Girl Meets Money: Part II

I'm back with a few more things that I've done to help save and raise money.Keeping up with expenses you already have and adding another large bill to your load isn't easy. Luckily, EF College Break allows monthly payment plans and book up to two years in advance. It really is a great company and I haven't even traveled, yet.Stop promoting a company for which I don't even work? Okay!...more