Ramen Noodle Salad? I Think So !

I have what I believe is the best pasta salad recipe ever. I actually got the original version of this recipe from my ex brother-in-law who is a fabulous cook. I don't know if it's actually ability or his mother just had really good recipes. He follows recipes to the letter but anything he fixes always turns out great so I guess following the tried and true is a great idea....more

How to Grocery Shop on a Budget Using Coupons

It’s Sunday, so for me that means weekly coupon organizing, grocery shopping and weekly meal planning. I was excited about how much I brought home today at Tops for under my budget, so I decided to write a post about it because this is something that I’m sure many people struggle with....more

Finding the Purpose

(originally posted @ My Day Job) OK, so the entire purpose of creating this particular blog was to keep track of my journey as I quit my day job, stay home to manage my family, start to save us some money, and become more self sustaining.  And I sincerely hope that as it begins to grow and evolve - that purpose will become more obvious and become fulfilled.  In an effort to start in that general direction, here is my first list of things to accomplish.1) Get more inventory made and po...more
I like your idea of 2:B, because I've actually never had to do that. I listen to the radio or ...more