Wall of Fame: Washington Couple Uses 400,000 Recycled Cans to Pay for Wedding

It’s what any hopeless romantic's dreams are made of: the perfect person, a spur-of-the-moment proposal ... and lots of aluminum cans? ...more

Damn, we saved a lot of money by forgoing items associated with weddings, but we certainly ...more

Money-Saving Tips for Long Distance Lovers


CookBook Review: Dollars To Donuts

http://www.applecrumbles.com “Comfort Food & Kitchen Wisdom From Route 66’s Landmark Rock Cafe”.  This is a book that has hit the shelves at such a perfect time.  We are all watching our wallets.  We all want to make good food –FAST.  We want to keep our old recipes but spice them up a bit.  This book offers all that.  NOTE:  It is not a Vegetarian cookbook, however does offer some meatless options. ...more

Money Saving Tips for the Road

 AirfareIf you and your family are checking bags, consider flying Southwest if possible. Not only are their airfares very competitive, but they check your bags for free!Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are generally the least expensive days to fly....more

How To Save Money On College Textbooks

I was the quintessential poor college student. When I hopped on a train to head off to school I had less than $1000 in my bank account, which just happens to be the average amount a college student spends on textbooks alone in one year. My luggage consisted of huge canvas bags that I bought at an army surplus store for under $100 dollars. I was excited. I was nervous. I was waiting for my student loans to come through. And well, I wasn't completely clueless about money but I still had a lot to learn. One of the first financial decisions you will make on campus is about college textbooks. Do you buy them used? New? Get them from the library? Which is the best way??? ...more

I took some science classes and there was no way I could have done it with a library book ...more

Will 5 Simple Changes Save You $20,000?

If you adopt five simple changes, you could end up richer according to an interview on the TODAY Show with Jeff Yeager, the author of “The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches."  ...more

When Did "Economy" Become A 4-Letter Word?

When did words like "recession" and "economic downturn" and "financial holocaust" sneak their way into my vernacular? I'm not quite sure and yet I don't think I'm the only one. We're in a crisis, folks, and in the American family where mothers control a large portion of the finances this has become a concern to everyone of late. ...more

Dave Ramsey was the first person I interviewed as a TV reporter here in ...more

TIPsy Tuesday...coming February 17th to a blog near you!

(...In a deep announcer voice...)Coming February 17, 2009 to a blog near you...TIPsy Tuesday. ...more

How to get a salon quality haircut for a fraction of the price

When I was in high school, my mom took me to get my haircut at some fancy salon in Beverly Hills. It was supposed to be a special once-in-a-lifetime sort of treat. But my hair ended up looking so good. Too good. I was hooked. (For the record, it was the Rachel.) ...more

I think the non pricey salon can be just fine.  I've never had my hair cut in any but the ...more

Savvy Shopper: Difference Between Recertified and Refurbished

This time of year we are all looking for a way to get the greatest gifts, but get the best deal. There are great deals to be had when you understand the lingo. You’ll see “Recertified” and “Refurbished” used interchangeably, but what is the difference? And what does it mean?  ...more