How we got debt-free in one year.

As of 2012, our family has been DEBT FREE (except for our mortgage). It is the most liberating and fantastic feeling. Wondering how we did it and how you can too?...more

For the Spending of Money

For the Love of Spending Money Why do we love to spend money?  Is it because we're trying to impress other people, or are we just trying to stay in the race with those that like to spend money?  Some of us spend money on items that we truly cannot afford.   Spending money is not always for the right reasons so it's best to manage finances carefully, and think about how you’re spending your money....more

Soon to be Amazing Mother!

Our amazing friend, Liha, is 27 weeks and expecting a very beautiful baby boy! She is going to make an exceptional mother and we are all so overly excited for her. ...more

Don't have kids and keep your money

The cost of raising a child  is terrifyingly expensive. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently reported the average middle-income couple can now expect to spend approximately $241,080 raising a child born last year to age 18. In some parts of the country, that’s more than the cost of a house. And, by the way, that number doesn’t include the cost of sending the child to college....more

10 tips to save on college textbooks

College students, as well as their parents, can experience sticker shock when they shop for textbooks. Books for a full schedule can easily add up to $1,000 or more a year. I asked my daughter, a rising sophomore who is the most resourceful and thrifty textbook shopper I know, for some tips....more

HDMI Cables for a Great Deal!

 Why is it that HDMI cables have to be so expensive in the big box stores?  We fully recognize that HDMI cables are the latest and greatest for high-definition television but the prices can be crazy.Continue reading →...more