The Colorless Scam: Paula Deen & Mo'Nique

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Did Mo'Nique Succumb to the Pressure for Women to Be Fur-Free?

Stop the presses -- MO'NIQUE SHAVED HER LEGS! I know! If this is not more important than the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, seriously, I do not know what is. ...more

And Monique is definitely fabulous.more

Why I love Mo’Nique.

I recently attended a taping of BET’s The Mo’Nique Show.  You know Mo’Nique that won an Oscar for the movie Precious....more

Why women don't just go with the grow

Tamika Thompson, HollerAtYourGirlsI am a woman; I have body hair. And, apparently, I am not alone....more

"Precious," A Film Almost Too Real To Appreciate

  This is going to be sticky, so please, bear with me.  I just saw the film "Precious" and I can barely breathe. The only way I'm going to be able to write about this movie is in two parts: my hopefully professional and objective review of the movie, and then my gut level, emotional reaction to the movie.  So as I said, please bear with me. ...more

Lee Daniels has done a great job on this film. I look forward to his next project.


Sapphire's Push: Merciless Honesty

I first became aware of the buzz about Sapphire's debut novel Push in 1995 or 1996. The novel gained attention for its distressing storyline but possibly more because the novelist received a $500,000 advance, a sum unheard of in those days for a first novel. Well, unheard of except that another writer that year had received even more, Jacquelyn Mitchard. ...more

I am currently taking a class called "Politics and the Media," and as part of this class I am ...more