Keeping a digital tab on your teen

I know that I am going to stalk my son on his mobile device. It will not matter to me how responsible he is, or what agreement we will have around his device or how old he is. I will be stalking him. Mostly because I love him....more

Stalking your children with technology

We had a sound/video baby monitor in my son's bedroom for the first two-and-a-half years of his life. Through that little camera, I watched him sleep, kick out of his blankets, sit up in his bed, and even saw the time our cat ended up in his crib and meowed out for help when she realized she was trapped....more

I unwittingly embarked upon the rubbishest diet ever

About three months ago, I noticed that some of my jeans were starting to feel a bit on the tight side, i.e., I was in danger of turning into a bloater. Appalled at the thought, I decided to embark upon a calorie controlled diet for the first time in my life. It was uncharted territory, and being a diet 'rookie' I decided to hark the words of DaVinci; "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ...more

How Young is Too Young for Social Media?

I posted this entry on my blog earlier this week and we continued the conversation over on Facebook. Now I am not a mother (yet), but I do recognise the dangers which kids can face and the fears which parents will have towards anything, and for this discussion, towards social media and generally technology. ...more