never too late

a recent objective of mine is to try to find a balance between my monkey mind and my sometimes overwhelming mental stupor, although the stupor seems to be more common lately.  it seems all i feel is dispirited. wandering from room to room in a fog, i wonder what to do to use up the hours left in my day, to keep my mind busy with anything other than what i need to work through....more

The Sheer Power of Silence

Silence has the power to shake us at the core.  It also has the power to allow us to tap into the deepest and most important pieces of ourselves so we create our life, our business, our careers, our relationships, and our every single precious day in a way that is meaningful.  Eight years ago this Friday, 9/11 created a powerful hush that moved many to make lasting changes in their lives.  For others their proclamation of change fell by the wayside as emotions were forgotten or buried on the way back to status-quo because fear or complacency took the driver's seat. ...more

A form of silence I love is the silence at a sporting event when national anthems are ...more