Beyoncé, "Lemonade", and the Limits of Traditional Marriage

When Beyoncé released Lemonade, many writers and news outlets used her work to shine a light on several issues: women’s rights, women’s empowerment, why men seek relationships outside marriage and what that choice does to the long-suffering wives at home.   For as long as most of us can remember, the appropriate and familiar response for scorned wives has been either to stand by their husband, silently suffering but supportive, or leave him and file for divorce. ...more

Buy The Book- How great reading and great marriages intersect

My ability to track time by the intensity of the light has vanished during our week on the island. Back in my king bed, contorted in the sliver allowed to me by my cat and my husband I figure it is probably time to get up. Any light in early January means I need to get moving. ...more

Casual Monogamy or the Platonic Relationship?

Sometimes the demands of a traditional relationship do not fit with the demands of your current lifestyle. Whether you’re working a lot of hours, taking classes, or coming off a bad breakup, you just don’t feel like you have it in you to commit physically and emotionally to a relationship. In those cases, an alternative relationship may be just what you need....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Why Is My Ex Still Calling Me?

Dear Dr. Romance:I was dating this guy for about two years. During the time that we were together we had some good times and bad. For one he was cheating on me with another girl then we got back together. During that time we worked hard to make the relationship work then I found out that he was sleeping with someone else. When I found this out, I finally left him alone....more

Monogamy: the Ultimate Form of Love or a Restraint on Your Freedom?

  A friend and I were talking yesterday about monogamy and open relationships.  We were able to cut the conversation short when we both realized that we had very different viewpoints on the subject.  But, as she always does, she left me thinking.  Essentiall...more
As someone who's in an open relationship, I find the assertion that my husband, who I have been ...more

Are couples today really more monogamous?

With all the news of celebrity splits due to infidelity, is it really possible that monogamy is on the rise? According to a recent study of 6,864 straight and gay men and women published in the journal Family Process, the rate of monogamy has been rising since 1975. ...more
I think when you remove the 'limelight' from the discussion of monogamy you do find that ...more

In Praise of Monogamy

People who act apologetic for being monogamous, usually do so because they've been overexposed to "polyvangelists" who argue that non-monogamy is "better" or "more evolved." This is silly! Liking monogamy doesn't have to be justified and liking monogamy is a perfectly awesome reason for preferring monogamy. ...more

I say whatever works. I'm a serial monogamist and someday I hope to find "the one." I agree that ...more

Does wedded bliss have room for opposite-sex friendships?

"Men and women can't be friends ... the sex part always gets in the way."--Harry, "When Harry Meets Sally"...more

Casual Sex and the Monogamous Girl

I don't have an orgasm every time I have sex. This simple fact has been part of who I am for as long as I can remember - or at least since I was 16. I don't approach sex as simply a vehicle to ride to orgasm. For me, it's so much more and it's enjoyable whether I climax or not. This works wonderfully within a long-term monogamous relationship where sex occurs frequently. Casual sex is an entirely different beast, though, isn't it? ...more

 Casual sex is so empty to me.



"Because love just isn't ...more